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  1. I just got some Hastings rings ordered from my local Napa.
  2. According to the ITM instructions you’re supposed to see both ends butted up. I sell hoses and adapters to my local Napa so they ordered me my .40 over piston rings from Hastings which look very OE
  3. That’s makes sense. Yes, there is. They are clocked where they should be but the Wafer is still overlapped. When you spread apart a little it will stop the overlap but let it go, right back to where they were
  4. KDW_80-720


    I don’t think it should damage your AC system, but the hose might need replacement sooner rather than later. If you have a local hydraulic hose shop I would hit them up and see if they do AC hose.
  5. So it goes wafer ring ring or ring wafer ring? The FSM doesn’t do the best job explaining it. I want to do this right, my machinist didn’t gap then for me
  6. KDW_80-720


    I edited that comment. I misspoke about the fittings, those will seal on the flare. But it looks like a hydraulic line so keep an eye on it
  7. KDW_80-720


    That hose looks totally different than an AC line. That looks like a hydraulic hose. I work at a hydraulic shop and bases upon those crimps on the Gates fittings, that is not an AC hose. I would keep an eye on that. The chemical resistance of the tube in that hose is not Freon rated.
  8. How would i measure these if I were to try and find some after market good ones?
  9. Yep. It’s all in range. It’s just that wafer oil ring thing is over lapping. They have like a red and green ends that are supposed to show colors when on the piston. They just overlap colors. I’ll grab a pic in a little bit
  10. Yes. The oil rings wafer on the bottoms won’t butt up. They overlap every single time and it presses the other ring out so they won’t compress. I’ve read some other people who have the same problem and just say to scrap those rings because that’s super common with those rings.
  11. So I got my engine back bored out +.040 and bought some ITM .040 oversize rings. The rings oil rings will not fit right they just keep popping out (the wafer)no matter how many times. Is there a different set of .040 over bore rings I can get that will actually work?
  12. I just got block back from the machine shop and forgot to get the rings gapped. I can probably do it myself but I need to know what the ring gaps are supposed to be? so fresh and so clean
  13. You might take it with you to a hydraulic/fitting shop local to you. I see you're in Renton, I know in Seattle there is Pacific Rubber, might now be the Alaska Rubber group. You might call and see if they do brake lines, or can recommend another hose shop that does up there,
  14. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    I noticed this chip on the bearing housing of the L20 block. Is this a major concern?
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