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  1. There's a few places up in Vancouver. Hazel Dell Muffler, Punks Muffler, Get Bent Custom Exhaust is in Clackamas, er GBE Mandrel Bending now.
  2. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    Can I use the rods from the Z22 with the L20B head or are they a little different?
  3. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    So how much cylinder volume does the W58 peanut have?
  4. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    Thank you. I’ll figure it out eventually.
  5. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    I wound up actually finding a Z22 crank/block that I'll build the big bore with. I think the Wiseco K586M89AP pistons are my best shot with the closed chamber head. If my math is correct it should put about 9.7 compression. I'll keep the L20 and turbo it at a later date.
  6. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    Okay. Thanks. Those numbers are for the 4cc dished?
  7. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    Thank you! I can work with that. I'll try and track some down. Not sure where to start looking for them, but thank you.
  8. Oh, I spoke to the dude over the phone and he sounded nice enough, but if he isn't great then disregard that.
  9. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    Okay. My pistons were dished on stock with the closed chamber head. I mean the block has to be honed and bored a little, so if I went .5mm to like 85.5. So if we went a little over and then replaced with the flat tops, short of getting a new head, what would that put the ocompression at? I'm sure there's a calculator somewhere, but I'm not sure where to find one
  10. There is a guy at Bills Datsun Shoppe in Clackamas. I'm not sure the cost, but the guy there was helpful when I asked him a few questions. Is it the L20B?
  11. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    Sorry, this has 87mm and 86. Is this 10.87 compression at 86 or 87? If I were to get some slightly smaller dish that isn't the 11cc, maybe 4? What would that drop my compression to?
  12. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    I’ll work on cleaning those up, although I’m not sure the point if I’m taking it to the machine shop anyway.
  13. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    They are, at it looks like it’s by design, someone plugged them with something. I tried to chip away at it and nothing coming out of it.
  14. Well I’m going to complete rebuild on the engine/interior. It’s lowered in the rear I think torsion bars cranked down in the front. I might keep it this weird sanded down blue color, I still have a lot to do until I get everything back together. I did see this similar truck to mine that I kind of like. Need to decide if I want bench seats or buckets, I was told they came stock with bench, it had some after market buckets if that is the case.
  15. KDW_80-720

    '80 720 L20B

    I don’t plan on one for this build. One day I’ll do a turbo 620 maybe, but this one I just want a little bit more since I’m already having to get The block overbored due to wear
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