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  1. The coil has a hei style cap. You need to modify a coil wire to fit it.
  2. Which spark plug wires are members using? Having an issue now tryin to find the correct coil wire.
  3. 510, you have a pic of it mounted? What wires are you using?
  4. Anyone running msd blaster 8252 coil? Wanna see some potential mounting locations. Thanks!
  5. Where do they sell the kumho v70a’s?
  6. Looking to do a front suspension refresh. The car feels loose up front. I think most of the stuff up there is original. What parts have members used?
  7. Have members plugged the two lines with metal caps? Anyone know the sizes? I've heard 1/2 NPT fits the outlet on lower hose?
  8. Can members share their plugging method?part #'s would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks, saw some drips from the heater box, where the heater core sits. Looks original? What's the best way to bypass? Just plug the two lines that run into the heater core?
  10. Where is the valve located
  11. Do they still make heater cores for these or NLA? Does dashboard have to be pulled?
  12. I'm noticing a have top off radiator every few days. Drivers side carpet damp, from coolant. Is there a heater hose on drivers side of 69 510?
  13. Looking into keeping a jack in the car for changing tires....What jack are members using when changing a flat?
  14. How would 0 offset, compare to +10?
  15. Anyone running 15x8 0 offset all around?
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