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water inlet

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I need the heater hose outlet that screws into the rear right side of the head of L16 motor.  Mine is corroded with holes so i need a good used replacement.  let me know what you have.  shipping would be to virginia 24210.






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There is a brass plug for draining and flushing the cooling system above the starter. The only inlet is the one the lower rad hose connects to.


The L series heads have a heater hose outlet just to the rear of the #4 spark plug.

The Z series heads are different so this heater outlet was moved to the side of the block above the starter.



Below is an L16. You can see the outlet to the heater just below behind the #4 plug. Straight down below the #4 spark plug you can see the block drain.




Thanks my oversight, as many times as i've handled that head you would think i would have it right, i'll edit the ad.  thanks again



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The Z series have them as mentioned.


Here is a Z24 with an L series head on it. The heater outlet is above the starter and is the same as used on the L head. I'm thinking you will only find a used one so expand your search to include the Z series engines. I have a part number but I think it's a plug as not all have the heater option??? You have to remove it anyway so take to a store with pipe thread fittings. Anything that will fit the hose will do, doesn't have to have that elbow.





Thanks, I'll check local big box hardware store i know has a good brass selection.  I've already removed the part thats when i discovered the corosion and holes in the hose barb.  I believe it's 5/8 npt so should be easy to find a part to fit it.


Thanks again


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Careful I believe it would actually be a bspt thread not npt.... 

You can use a correct size npt tap and rethread the hole, then use the new fitting as a gauge on how deep to tap to end up in the appropriate orientation....

I redid all my bspt hole to npt it is acceptable to do, I verified for myself mathematically,  you cut into all new metal so no issue of leaking....

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