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  1. can you really do that to these lightly braced cracker boxes with out causing permanent warps in places you depend on for accurate suspension measurements., reinstalling glass, doors etc to make sure it goes back together straight. I occasionally watch a tv program where a car is being restored and on a rotisserie and there are numerous braces welded to the body to keep it as straight as when it entered the shop. I really wouldnt do this to a 510 without some cross and lateral bracing to make sure the body doesnt twist or bend. Some 510 woiuldn't survive rotesserie without bracing because to rust issues. just saying.
  2. Yeh, the original vin/id is still on the door frame but i'd like to finish off the engine compartment with the vin plate that belongs there.
  3. did a quick site search for an id plate for my 71 521, no quick hits. does anyone make a reproduction id plate for these trucks? Thanks DH
  4. Time Left: 9 days and 12 hours

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    needing a timing cover for my L16 and water diverter that bolts to the timing cover. mine is corroded in the water jacket section. reply here or use my email douggaleh at hotmail dot com Thanks Dhef


    - US

  5. do you have a set of lower fulcrum pins, dont necessarily need the locking pin but would take them if avail with the fulcrum pins thanks D
  6. found a set of kingpins for a killer price, just had them installed. My son who is a really good harley medchanic said he has a friend, another harley builder he thinks can turn a fulcrum pin at his machine shop. i cannot find any info on the characteristics of the steel these pins are made of but as easliy as the one cut with cutoff wheel on a cheap grinder I believe it must be a fairly hard maybe surface hardened and tough enough to withstand constant beating of the suspension action. 'll still be on the hunt for a stock replacement if anyone finds a piece in the bottom of their tool box or whereever but will still be on the hunt for a stock replacement item
  7. I'm just curious, is there an alternate "fix" for the lower fulcrum pin on the 521 pickup. I had to cut mine to remove the upright so i could install kingpins. I am now having problems locating a replacement pin. the design seems simple so I'm thinking there must be an alternate or suitable substitute. if anyone has information on where to buy a new or used pin (i checked ebay and i dont want to buy one outside the US) or know of a safe acceptable alternate fix please let me know D
  8. Time Left: 6 days and 17 hours

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    I need a lower link fulcrum pin for a 521, the pin not the taper pin that locates the fulcrum. Mine was so rusted i had to cut it out, heat the spindle support and drive out the pin. if anyone has a used one i can purchase please send along info. Installing new kingpins other front suspension parts but need to move the 521 around. Also if anyone has a line on new pins let me know. all ive been able to find so far is from thailand with potential january delivery date. thanks d


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