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Geez Steve, that takes me back! But not that far! Zoot suits!!! A common term growing up in the '50s. How about switch blades zip guns and Mickey finns? lol


My Gosh...you old guys and your stories LOL...Actually the "zoot suit' craze was more the very late 40s..right after the war....by the time the Korean War was over ("53) very few zoot suits were about.....Levis and white "Penneys" t-shirts were takin over..oh and double breasted suits with cuffs in the pants!...Holy S$*T I must be older than I think I am......memories! WOW..actually I still want a 34 Ford like that one...Is it that stock or do these Old eyes deceive me?...nice photo Man..musta been real fun....(oh my gosh..34 Ford is only 7 years older'n me..and we both are older'n Dirt!!!)

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Ah the good old days! Hey! Some day, these will be the good old days for someone else!! What I meant was the term Zoot Suit was spoken often when I was a kid. Don't remember them other than in cartoons.


When I was a young lad of eleven, me and some buds would go to the Salvation Army and for two bits, buy a fedora or a homburg and wear them around town. The Holy Grail was to find a bowler, but we never did. Geez that was fun!

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Old guys' lol...


The '34 is completely stock, unrestored...the flathead ran so nice, it was all I could do not to drool all over it :P


An awesome day for sure, we got all kinds of guns, car, and suit shots... :D


The best weapon of the day was the hammer tho ;)

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