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what do I do with this z22????


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I have had this z22 and 5speed for about 4 years now, and was think about putting it in the 510 so I would have a little more power and a 5spd. but all I have is the motor (without intake manifold) and trany, would a 200sx wiring,ecu,etc. work on this motor? any good articles?


I found a 200sx and he said it has a 2.0L 8plug motor in so that would have to be a z20 right? now can't I use the rear disk stuff and diff?


HELP ME?????

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funny funny kiznook, would that be nice kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I got a 72 4dr 510. Correct me but don't people use the disc and caliper off the 200sx's to do the disc brake onto the 510's,

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its an 82. i don't need the front struts/brakes cause i already have 280zx up front. my concern is that icehouse was saying something about the s12 wiring is hard to hook up into dimes than sr/ka.

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Here's what you do:

Get a l-series U67 head, take the head off the z22, modify the block to fit the U67 head, and make yourself a LZ22 hybrid. The L head flows WAY better than the Z head, and with the long stroke of the Z22 you get a really touquey engine...there I solved your problem for you.

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i thought it was only eight wires to splice the efi on a z engine in to a 510 harnis


yeah, 7 or 8, something like that


LZ hybrid wouldn't be a bad way to go either....I'm pretty sure I'm gonna build a 2.1 longrod. I think it would be fun. I want to use 89mm pistons though. Hmm, after some more thinking, I'll post a seperate thread. stay tuned!

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huh LZ22 sound decent, now just how to go about doing it is the question. the wiring is around 7 wire according to this article i read. ok now i am running in circles

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thanks kiznook now I got a headache from reading all that information, thats alot of monkeying around to make a LZ22. I think I'm going to just put the z22 in and skip the L part. if I end up wanting more power out of the z22 I would just do a sr or ka. And i thought hondas were hard....:confused:

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your goign to use a z headgasket cause the L series biggest bore is 86 same as a z but your going to want to use a 89 mm z24 gasket, am i close to right????


and a U67 head is for of the L20b


you want to use the L16 oil pan and sump


make a different location for the dipstick

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not without modification to the gasket, the timing cover shape is different. on the LZ20, It's simple, you just use the l20 gasket.


Maybe I just need to put an open chamber head on my LZ and actually lower my compression. Frankly the dame thing needs rebuilt completely!

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but thats on the z20 it said on there that the z22 has 87mm and the z24 has 89mm. i can't use the L20 gasket on a z22 right???


But either way it something I don't feel like doing cause the i would have to gather more parts which = more money sounds like a revvy motor though

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the 200sx ECU, and acc requires 6 or 7 wires to hook up, should be easy. datzenmike has all those answers :cool:


staying all Z22 just use a Z22 HG, an LZ requires a few holes in the HG.

nismo 88.5mm HG would also work, they may still be avail...


i sold my Z22 top end stuff already


i had a headache from reading all the info and changed my mine too many times. once i spent some $$$, i stoppped...just a little bit :rolleyes:

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