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75 620 parts truck

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Need to open up shop space, City of Keizer said I couldn't keep my parts rig outside anymore (useless tossers) so it has been living in the shop. Of course, I can't do anything with it in there. It is on wheels and towable, doors, fenders, hood and glass (except windshield, of course) are good. Rather see it go to good use that to Cherry City for $70 a ton. This had an L20 that seized the big end of #3, everything but the crank should be ok. Also have a complete L16 plus 4 speed package that came out of my '73, was told that the head was bad when I bought it. That was before the internet and craigslist when the only source of parts was the newspapers and the IGA shopper.

Probably have a lot more stuff that I've forgotten about, leftovers from the 710 donor car and such. Just ask and I might remember I have one of those.


Looking for: a fuse block that's intact. My headlights only want to work sometimes, traced the fault to this. Part rig is bad as well. Also need a rubber shifter boot, mines separated all the way around now. Get that nice Gunk smell for weeks after giving the mill a bath.


I'm off on vacation this week and next, staying home and getting the shop organized. I'll check back fairly regularly and I can give more info / pictures if needed. No idea on prices, just try to beat the scrap dealers by a bit. :cool:






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Looks better than mine...at least there's no holes :P


I'll probably wait to see if I can get a better one. My drivers side is pristine and I'd like to get the passenger side close...


Thanks though.

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Ok, Beebani has the dash and heater controls; phatdave has the pass. floor which was cut out of a '73.

Dug to the bottom of the bed and found another tranny, this is one of the early ones with the pan on the bottom, the F4W63 according to the book. So I have two of those and a later one that came from a '75 710. The latter didn't work so well in the pickup, the shift lever moved about four inches aft and the tunnel cover didn't work.


Even though this tranny spent time outside, it was covered enough that it didn't get full of water. Turns by hand and shifts smoothly; fared far better than a T40 in the same bed.


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Got the rig rolled out today, dash and grill are gone now. Was able to pull out the L16 out and get a picture of it, it has the apparently much coveted Datsun valve cover.




Also found some more doors and fenders behind the shop, as well as the step bumper that I was looking for forever. If I was going to be keeping mine that bumper would be so on there. By the way, that is dirt in a lattice pattern of the driver side door, it is actually pretty good.


I was told that the wheels I have are the ones with the hubcap nubs, for lack of a better word. I probably have 8 or 9, counting the ones on the trailer. Parts rig has brackets on the front for a towbar, should go down the road just fine.



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Found some more stuff; set of tail lights for a 620, overspray on the lenses but they seem to be intact. Wiring harness with correct plugs as well. There are two complete starters here, just taken apart for cleaning, measuring, etc. Also a set of rods and pistons, and the main bearing caps for the block in the bottom picture. There is a station wagon license light and a set of 710 struts with hubs (not shown)


This is all going on Criagslist in a few minutes, seriously need to get this moved.




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Felt channels is good in all four doors, the rubber sections at the bottom of the window are completely gone on the gray doors and badly weathered on the blue ones. Hard item to find in good condition, I'd imagine.

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I used an air saw from Harbor Freight, takes a little longer than with a sawzall but gets the job done. It was what I had at the time. Now I'd just plas them out if I needed sheet metal.

Seems that everyone is dumping their inventory now. Poor time to be trying to get rid of some surplus with the market flooded. Think I'll keep an eye out for a free rickety canopy and put all my engine stuff in the back and bury it in a corner for the time being. Then it will be just hook up to it and go.



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I really need to keep this movable at the present; so unless you have an axle that can go back under it, that would be a no.

Why not take the whole works, tow bar already on it and there is a 7' canopy to put on the back to cover all the doors and engine goodies while it sits in someone else's yard forever.:D

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