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What to do?


What to do?  

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  1. 1. What to do?

    • Looks good...slap some bondo on that bitch...
    • Keep working it...your almost there...
    • It's fawked...find a new inner fender
    • Hack both them suckers off and build your own...

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As you guys know I've been working on my KC. I got the new shell and it had a few issues, the worst of which is the drivers side inner fender. It must have taken a good hit sometime in the past. I've got more than a few hours into it with the hammer and dolly. I've worked out a lot of creases and got it mostly back into shape.

The more I work on it the more it shows how bad the hit actually was...so now I'm at a crossroads...hence the poll...

Here's what I'm working with (sorry for the crappy cell pics)





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Pac. I think the blurry pic's make it look better than it is...maybe I'll just look at the pics that way I don't have to look at the real mess :P


I know it's not straight yet though. When I mount up the core support there's a gap on that side. It's way smaller than it was when I first started. There were creases at every contour and as I've flattened the creases and reworked them, the gap has decreased. It's also kinda twisted at the front, not sure how I'm gonna get that out.


Bleach I may just slap it silly :D


BEE Not sure what the dimple is for as the booster is no where near it...maybe it's for the smog junk on the intake??

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