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1966/67 L520 J-13 ss w/ lots of spares

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f2d41.jpgHey all,

I have to finally sell my baby. My 1966 (titled 67) 520 i bought in 1999 from the second owner who had it since 1973. I have daily commuted in this truc for years. The engine has been rebuilt with oversized valves, hardened seats and a custom ground cam. The rear end has been rebuilt and has 3.89 gears in it. I have both a roll bar and a fiberglass tonneau cover for the bed. It has aluminum slots that need polished and bucket seats with a decent AM/FM CD built into a custom console in the middle.

I hate to sell my baby, as it is what got me into Datsuns in the first place. I have a ton of spare parts that if I were to sell them for what I paid would cost almost as much as I am asking for the whole works. It has a NOS carb on the engine that I got from Austrailia, Dual master cylinder and front wheel cylinders from a 620 and lots more. An entire spare "front clip" rust free fenders, spare hood, grille and bumper. Original jack and crank. The paint was redone in 1985 and I have spotted in a few repairs, but is a nice daily driver. It has the bumperettes in the rear which are hard to find and these are clean. I also have a step bumper with hitch that I'll throw in if you want it. I am moving to Kodiak AK so I have to let my baby go.

I am only asking $1,200. With all the spare parts it is worth much more. It is also for sale locally, but I would really like it to go to a Datsun person, as "Cheap economy hauler" to "Beat:mad:

Anyway, I'll try to get some pics up later once I figure how to.

Thanks, Garry K






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I worked it for you... No love yet though... Its funny how I get tons of people trying to buy my 620, they go "Dude, since your not selling yours do you know where a clean on is?" So I tell them about yours and the excuses start!!! I want an NL :D hehe


Tana was saying you might sign up, she was right. :)

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Thanks Icehouse,

I get the same arounbd here, lots who said to let them know when I was ready to sell, but when I put it up... no takers. Oh well, if I don't get any serious takers, I'll just park it at my dads place till some one is interested, and I'll leave the title with him to sell it. For the right person, I'll even throw in the MGB-1800 I bought for it, just have to sort out the flywheel and it will be ready to replace the J-1300. Or if someone is interested, I'll make them a good deal on the MGB-1800 to replace a J-13 or a E-1.

Thanks again, Garry

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Well here it is over 2 years later, and I have decided to move it to Alaska this summer for my 14yo's first truck. In Alaska they get to take the test for their permit at 14, so they have two years driving with an adult and a permit before they start driving on their own. My folks will be driving the ALcan this summer, and will tow it with the towbar to us here in Alaska.

Take care all,

Garry in Alaska

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Garry, if I'd seen this back then, she'd be sitting in my garage next to my NL320.


Would you happen to still have a spare fender for her? I'm looking for one for my 411 wagon...

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