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Adapting stock 521 caps on non-stock wheels?

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So amusingly enough my truck came equipped with 3 stock wheels (and 7 stock dog dish caps), which famously is not a useful number of wheels, and also a lot of caps. So I got these which I really like as a “wider stock wheel” option in 15” (wheel vintiques series 62):



My measurements on the stock cap led me to believe they might fit before I ordered the wheels but of course they don’t quite fit. However, they would look good:



Soooo I took it to a welder to add the nubs and he said he didn’t want to do it and that my caps would be flying off. He said go to a machinist and drill holes in the wheels instead to add the nubs.


Something about drilling holes in wheels seems wrong, but maybe I need to get over it.


Wheel vintiques does sell caps but they just aren’t right:




Any thoughts on best option? Drilling holes in wheels okay? Find a new welder? Other ideas?

And don’t worry, I’ve got the whitewalls ready.




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I think it was a guy on YouTube “PuddinsFabShop” that did the weld on nubs. I don’t know what video, but google it and you may have luck. 


edit. Think this the link. 


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10 hours ago, zed1 said:

This solution may work Link


 Wow they make that look easy. Surely I can too.

Okay yeah in absence of a rivet gun I’m gonna go with screw on clips, good call. Called wheel vintiques and they said they don’t have them anymore and recommended I buy their caps instead, but looks like plenty other suppliers out there. 

I will get over my fear of drilling wheels and post the results success or fail! Thank you for the emotional support.

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Okay I’m getting there. Drilled three holes for a #4 machine screw to pass through:




added a 1/4” standoff:




test fit for diameter:




I think we are in business! I need to secure the screw to the wheel of course and the stand-off to the screw but the cap is tight. I think I’ll slam on a round spacer over top of the hex stand-off to make it even tighter on the cap but…I think this will work!



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