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Z20 carb is seeping petrol

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Sorry for the dumb questions. 

I’ve noticed a small amount of petrol seeping from near fuel inlet line (red arrow, and ignore the lack of connecting tube to the right lol).


I feel like I remember there was a gold or brass washer sitting where the blue arrow is pointing in the other attached photo. 

Does that sound right? If so I’ll buy the right washer and try that. 

also, what is that thing inside the hole?(blue arrow photo) 



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 The inlet fitting should have a small wire clip? attachment that holds the needle valve loosely in place. Pointy end up and flat end down. The float rises and pushes the needle up and seats it shutting off fuel.




Above the inlet fitting is the banjo fitting. There's a very fine brass or plastic screen in there with soft copper or aluminum washers. Once used they may be marked up and not seal right a second time. I have cut them out of thick gasket paper before.

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