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KA swap->510 questions


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Okay, I'm seriously considering it. anyone have a good article? I HATE wiring, but I figure it's worth it.


I'm actually thinking of doing this for now, and build my LZ later...maybe.


After Nismopu's truck, I'm not too excited about doing a swap, but his problems were internal mechanical, and that can happen with any engine. But since doing that truck, I'm not too scared to try it in a 510, especially considering the lack of torsion bars, and the removable crossmember.


Help me out, the gears (in my head) are spinnin at 891237410987 RPM, and I can't stop them!!

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So I might go take a look at a KA parts pile tonight...we'll see. I still have a short block over in my buddy's gaage too. I think I'll build a motor and do the swap instead of buying another car.


What about fuel pump? what do most people do? I know on the 620 we used a 280zx unit, at least I'm 90% sure that's what it was.


Guess I'd better get to lookin for a wiring harness. I've got an ecu kickin around somewhere...hmm

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A zx pump works, I would do a walbro external if you plan on any more power later. We found out with franks that the zx falls on its face with a turbo installed :) Look for a ecu with the number 11 on the top, for some reason the rest cut out at random rpms. Then sometimes they run good, its weird. Which reminds me...


Beebani I talked to the dude up north and he's out of number 11's. I will ask around though. See what I can dig up :)

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I'll have to find my ecu and see what number it is. I know it works though, I ran it in my hardbody to test.


Jeff, What do you think about using a stanza harness? maybe with all stanza sensors? this was nismopu's idea, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I could use a hardbody harness, but they're all one piece (headlights-tail lights)


What would you reccomend for radiator? griffin? VW? crossover pipe?

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LOL I forgot to mention that, It'll be a single cam. probably a 240 block, but I haven't exactly decided. I DO NOT like the dual cams, the intake and timing chain make me cringe.


I kinda doubt the 720 radiator will work in the dime, maybe it's finally time to follow through with my bar and plate intercooler core radiator idea. or maybe it's more of a scheme.


I'm a little bit hesitant to run the front sump, but I think with 250# coilovers and koni's I can do without a swaybar for a while.

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