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5 lug conversion

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Hey everyone, I'm looking into doing a 5 lug Toyota conversion on my 720. Mine's an 83 and based on the research I've done, hardbody spindles/drop spindles only work with 85 and 86 720s. I'd like to go with machined Toyota hubs but I'm not sure what to do about the spindles. There's so much info that it's hard to just wrap my head around. What options do I have with an 83 hub? Is it possible to change a few suspension components and put a hardbody spindle on? 

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The website I looked on said that it only worked on 85 and newer spindles were completely different from the 85 and 86 ones because the mounting holes were in different places. I don't see why they wouldn't be the same since they're on the same truck but the website the guy has that machines them says they're different.  

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Alright I watched the guy's original video on the machining, dimensions, etc. and I think I understand it now. The actual knuckle part of the spindle is slightly different because of the caliper mounting position but the spindle itself is the same. Thank yall for the info, I just needed to look at the info from a different direction.

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I am bluehandsvideo.  


Sounds like you have it figured out.  Yes, from the base of the spindle where the dust shield mounts, the spindles are the same.  They're different as you go inboard and I only had "mid" 720 spindles to work with at the time.


I'll post this for anyone else reading that post that doesn't get the difference.


First.....there are 3 different spindle/brake setups on the 720.  The "early" 720 had 620 brakes on them which were on the late 620 to the pre-10/82 720. The "mid" 720 had a vented rotor with a short top hat. It looks like the HB brakes, but the caliper position is not the same.  These are on 10/82-11/85 720's.  The "late" 720/HB spindles/brakes were from post 11/85 720 thru the Hardbody(D21).  Pictures can be found on this page.... http://www.bluehandsinc.com/hub-info.html


The late 720 spindles are the same as the HB spindles, so I'm only going to refer to them as the HB spindles.  When looking at the complete assemblies, they look the same except for the top hat on the rotor.  The "mid" ones have a shorter top hat than the "late" ones, but they are both vented rotors.


The problem with the "mid" 720 spindles is the position(axially) of the caliper mounts/holes.  They are further outboard(toward the spindle nut) than they are on the HB spindles.  That is why the "mid" 720's rotors have shorter top hats. Both the "mid" and "late" calipers are the same. When installing the Toyota hubs, you also use the Toy rotors.  Those rotors need the caliper inboard more in order to land in the middle of the caliper/brake pads. The position of the caliper, axially, is determined by the spindle.  The machine work done to the Toy hubs move the bearings closer together inside the hub to properly fit the shorter(than the Toyota) HB spindle.  The shelves are moved inward different amounts to center the toyota rotor in the middle of the HB caliper.  Previously, the base of the HB spindle would be machined and a spacer would then be used to center caliper.  The page I previously posted a link to for the 5 lug swap info, has a link to the Infamous Nissan (IF) thread by nis720. 


If you have an early 720 or even a 620 and want to go to 5 lugs, you can swap the HB spindles onto your truck. The ball joints and tie rod tapers are the same.  You disconnect you upper and lower ball joints, the tie rod end and the brake hose and remove your old one as on piece.  Now you can install the entire HB assembly. 


You can install dropped HB spindles on the 620, 720 and HB and then do the 5 lug swap.   


If you have a mid 720 and are swapping to HB spindles so that you can do this 5 lug swap.....your calipers are the same, so you can still use them.


I may post this to my site lol

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