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KA24E oil pan can fit Z24 ?


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Hi guys, I hope you all have a wonderful day. ❤️

May someone help me with this, I have a d21 1990 has a Z24 engine. However, the oil pan bolt is leaking due to the thread of the bolt from the oil pan side. The oil pan bolt's thread is damgaed and I am thinking of changing the whole oil pan. The oil part number for my truck is 11110-06W02 alternate is 11110-VJ200. 

I went to buy a new one, however I only found an oil pan for the KA24E engine.

(part number could be any of these  111103S500, 1111086G00, 11110F4000, 11110F4500)

My question is: Would the KA24E oil pan fit the Z24 engine?🤔

Picture for the oil pan bolt thread: https://imgur.com/uNG827q


Thanks in advance for your help!

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Car KA and truck KA at bottom. The Z24 is straight across the front where the KA pans are angled. (upper left) Also the KA pan  gets wider on the rear half but only on the passenger side. The Z24 bulges wider on both sides. On top of this the Z24 has many more screw holes.


The Z24 oil pan will fit the earlier L series engines but no, not the later KA series.



Yes the threaded holes for the oil pan are not blind but are open into the crank case. If the bolt is damaged replace it. If the threads are stripped from over tightening, get a strip of metal long enough to reach at least the next bolt on either side of the bad one and narrow enough to fit in the narrow space. Seal the stripped hole with RTV. This will allow the good bolts to apply sealing force on the bad bolt area.


The earlier L20Bs came with an L shaped strip of metal to help seal the oil pan on one of the rear corners.



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12 hours ago, datzenmike said:

Jack Nicholson Laugh GIF - Jack Nicholson Laugh Laughing ...


Well he did say oil pan bolt not drain plug. Still funny.

Sorry I am not an english speaker, I did not know how to explain it hahaha😂. However, I got the part number and went to local stores. With a bit of luck I found it and it really looks different than the ones up there! 

Here is a picture of the oil pan comes with the pan gasget YAY!🥳 .
1- https://imgur.com/yNl0uf0
2- https://imgur.com/Wo1fTZK
3- https://imgur.com/OPHAFTb

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14 hours ago, Crashtd420 said:

If it's the drain plug that's stripped you could repair it....

Quick search turned up this.  




Just find someone who could tig weld it in and you'll be good....


Thank you alot for your reply❤️, I will buy one of these and will fix the old oil pan instead of throwing it. Maybe I wil need it in the future or if someone would buy it i will sell it.

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