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210 rear coil springs


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I am trying to find new REAR coil springs for my 1979 210 wagon.  I cannot find any anywhere.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I used the google command: "datsun and 1979 and 210 and rear and coil and springs" and end up with Front springs and Ford, Chevy etc.  I am sitting here with the wagon on jack stands and the rear end just hanging there right now.  HELP!!!!!!!!  Thanks in advance, Rich.

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What's wrong with the old ones? They don't wear out and they don't get soft, but they can sag or break. If sagging there are spring spacers to lift the rear...




If not stiff enough you can trim a coil off. Funny thing about springs... you shorten them they get stiffer. Shorter will sit lower so use a set of rubber spacers like above.


Most often it's worn out shocks that ruin the ride quality.

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Thank you Datzenmike for your reply.  I noticed the rear end sagging when I had a bunch of brake parts in the cargo area of the wagon.  I had already replaced the rear shocks with KYB when this had occurred.  When I searched for spring spacers the vendors give the lift but not the O/D or I/D of the spacer.  The other problem is hardly nobody lists the make or model that they fit.  The original spacer/spring locater sits on top of the spring.  The original spacer/spring locater is 4 3/8" O/D, 3.25 I/D and the lift is 1/2".  I would like about a 1" lift.  Thanks in advance.  Rich.

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You will struggle to find any replacement coil springs, as this car was simply not popular in the aftermarket & NEW parts from Nissan (Datsun) are likely long NLA NLS.  Also keep in mind that the load capacity of these little Wagon's was nothing compared to the bigger domestic Wagon's, thus you would likely see sagging with any sort of a heavy load.  You might consider air shocks, but you will likely NOT find a listing...........you will need to research measurements & mounting details, to find an air shock that would work.  Hope that helps & good luck with the project!

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Like suggested, get very accurate measurements from yours and find a spring supplier's online catalog (TRW maybe?  they used to have listings, but that was a long time ago)  and find something close enough to work.



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These are split, so they self adjust to the spring's diameter and the spring just sits in the groove. As the coil is directly on the axle I would guess the spring rate is around 100 pounds per in. (lb./in) Almost always a car's spring rate is a compromise being soft enough to be comfortable for the average driver to not offend them. For cars that are driven where a certain amount of handling performance is expected, an increase in spring rate should be considered to control bottoming out and body roll.


These spacers can be slipped in under or over the spring to space the body what ever the thickness of the spacer. They do not increase the spring rate nor does a shock absorber by itself.


If replacing the spring the last thing you want is one that has a lower rate nor one that is too stiff. Best to take some measurements and find out exactly what you have now, as I said probably around 100 lb/in. Measure as accurately as you can the thickness of the wire, the outside diameter of the coil itself and the number of coils not touching each other. From this a formula can be applied and the spring rate calculated. 

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