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Looking for part advice for transmission


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I am sort of at a loss for where to go. I really don't want to drop the dough to buy a brand new transmission before exhausting all possible options. No one in my area will work on manual transmissions anymore, unfortunately, so I turned to the internet to look for parts. I finally found what I was looking for on a Japanese parts website (even the Haynes manual for my truck wouldn't tell me specifically what I was looking at).


I have a 1985 720 2x4 truck with a z24 engine. The transmission housing has the number FS5W71B listed on it. The part I'm looking for is "Head, Fork 1st & 2nd" (as well as the pin that goes through the head and into the rod). With this tiny little, seemingly elusive and unfindable part, I would have my dream truck running again.


My question is, I have found some rods with fork heads included listed on ebay that come from a FS5W71C transmission. If I bought those and tried to replace the rod head from the C to the B transmission, would this work? At this point it is starting to seem like the only option other than buying a whole new transmission. I haven't heard back from the JDM websites about part inquiry's. I'm open to advice if you have any other directions to go with this. 

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If you need a small part that's not currently available, your options are limited. I would try calling a shop that rebuilds Datsun transmissions and ask if they will sell you a used part. Second option is to track down and buy a used transmission for parts.


Searching on car-part.com, I just found complete manual transmissions for a 4x2 Z24 Nissan 720 for as little as $200, in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and more.

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Assuming the transmissions are the same model, the tailshaft and housing may be different lengths, but the shift rods should be the same. If you wanted to use the new trans, and install your tail housing, you'd have to also swap the rear main shaft. It would be tons easier to steal the parts you need off the donor and use them on your trans.

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I have two Z/ZX 5spd PARTS transmissions.  Your 2WD 5spd should be similar to at least one of these.  The early Z/ZX 5spd is completely taken apart & in boxes..............I know that I have these shift forks/paddles in there.  The later 5spd is still partially assembled, but we may be disassembling it soon, as we are rebuilding another that may need parts (according to the customer).  Swapping pics here on Ratsun is a pain.............I'm happy to try to help, to see if what I have is the same as what you need, but I would need you to send me an EMAIL to yenpit@hotmail.com, with some good pics, maybe with a tape measure showing an approximate measurement.  If approximate looks good, we can break down further with more precise measurements.  I will need you to give me all of that info & I will see if mine are the same. 


Other option for you is to research the actual part #'s for what you want & cross reference between your 1985 5spd & my 1977-1980 280Z/280ZX.  This is Nissan's earliest 5spd with the .864 5th gear ratio.  Yours should NOT be the same ratio 5spd, but these parts MIGHT be the same...........?? 

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