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4x4 radiator


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I was at a local junkyard...I bought a windshield and the PS pump set-up.  They had 5 PUs and I popped all the hoods.  They had one that looked like it was driven there...better shape than mine.


Anyways....one of the 720s had a big radiator in it.  It had a plastic tank...a big tank.  I looked down through the fill hole and the tubes were at least 1" long.  I think mine are about 1/2"


Do the 4x4s have a different radiator?

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They do have a different radiator but likely same dimensions as 2wd to save production costs. The difference may be wider internal tubes for shedding heat. I had an L20B rad with three rows of tubes. Much smaller at under 1.2" each.

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I have a 85 4x4 with over 380,000 miles.It had the original one in it in 94 with 108,000 miles when I bought it for 3500,I have done put 3 in it from Autozone,they are plastic but has a lifetime warranty,as long as they have them,I never will have to buy them,same as the water pump.The last one lasted 11 years,when they go bad,I take the water pump out and get a free new one.The last radiator got a pin hole leak at the top.I also replaced my wife's 2004 lincoln LS radiator.It is plastic also,now that was a job doing that one.They don't have radiator caps on those.Got that one from Autozone too with lifetime warranty...They are 212.00 at Orielly's..with lifetime warranty,Autozone's are now way higher.Here  is mine..





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