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Last Minute BLUE LAKE!!!!!!!!


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Just going to copy and paste some information as I am sharing in a few places.  There will be some changes to the show, and no food! 


Blue Lake Datsun and Nissan show will be on the second Sunday of August 8/14/2022.  The gates open at 8am, but the show will not start until 10am.  But you can be there as we set up to chat.  This year we will not have food, we will have water to sell, as the park now requires a extra vendor permit to provide food.  In order to keep the show going, we will have to cut the food as we break even each year to do the show the next year.  We will be re-working our award categories this year due to the last minute notice of the show.  We are happy the Park was willing to work with us to give us our pre pandemic rates.  The show will run to around 3pm.  We will have our Raffle, and we have saved up some goodies for the last few years of not being able to do the show.  We hope to see you all out there,  Datsuns, Nissans, and Infinitis are welcome.

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Awesome news, thanks to you guys for your perseverance working with Metro to make the show happen.


Is the reason you can't have food is because you are selling it? If it was a potluck, where participants brought food, would that be okay? 

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^ I am not sure,  That may be a option we can pull.  This year with it last minute for sure we will not have food.  A few have said they would be willing to donate for a food permit as a sponsor, which I really appreciate from everyone.   We have a meeting today to discuss things since we are so last minute on the show this year.  

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