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  1. Picked up a set of Watanabe Type B wheels (14x6.5/+15) and used the 280 center caps.
  2. Thanks wayno and Datzenmike, I'll try that stuff today. Cycling through the power didn't work, so its probably time to take it apart and inspect it anyway. I'll post results when done.
  3. Ah okay. That makes sense. My turn signal switch is a little loose and my high beams sometimes turn on when I use my blinker or shut my door. Maybe I'll look into replacing that. Thanks!
  4. On my 81 210 headlights, brake lights, reverse lights all work. The marker lights and dash lights work, but they have a delay to them. It seems like once the car builds up enough charge they turn on. Sometimes they come on about when the car is warmed up, other times they turn on after driving a few minutes. Then they stay on. Car starts quick and easy, battery seems good. I'm not really sure what to check.
  5. Count me in! Thanks for the giveaway!
  6. Anyone know the part number for Solid State Volt Reg for a 77 620?

    1. datzenmike


      That's easy.... there is none. All Datsun external voltage regulators were mechanical.

      Just go to NAPA or your favorite auto parts store and ask for one. There were some after market ones, pricy and not always reliable.

    2. Hawaiian620


      Alright. Thought I read somewhere there were some that worked. Also read that Napa ones were junk, but autozone had some made by "Wells" that were suppose to be good? Thread was from 2012 though, so I'm not sure if that's still correct.

    3. banzai510(hainz)


      autozone does have them. Rock auto has them also. Bu make sure they are hookedup and grounded ,they can pop .

      The Japanese machanicals are good also.)big meteal cans)


      dont buy the Echlin or USA made mechanical ones(big metal cans) they suck

  7. Finally got home to install the second headlight. The light is white, maybe a little blue, but not bad.
  8. Picked up a free camper shell. No leaks, no rip in the screens and the handle locks.
  9. Sorry for the late response. Yes the low beam has it's own pattern. When you turn on the high beams the lights switch from low to high. However when I hooked them up to the middle lights they only came on as high beams like normal. I'll take better pictures from in the cab with both outside lights installed when I'm home in a few weeks. I'll do in both high and low. I'll be able to give you better input regarding the color too.
  10. I got the LED head lights below. I ended up using a dremel to cut the light housing to fit, instead of cutting the sheet metal, just in case I decided to go back to stock lights. Wiring wise its plug and play. The LEDs are a lot brighter than halogen. Also, the LEDs will work in the inside housing and work has high beams only if you wanted to replace all four. I made sure to test them in both housings. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DZU30S0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Low beam High beams
  11. Good thread for those wanting to know when the Arizona boating season starts haha
  12. Ebay has a 15% off everything sale right now. till 7PM PST
  13. More rubbing than a slight fender rolling would take care of? If so then nevermind haha It'll be on a 620 with 3in blocks and 720 springs if that helps figure out the rubbing. I saw flatcat say +10 is even with the fender so maybe that's the way to go
  14. Speaking of offsets would a 15in wheel with -12 offset and 9in wide tires look funny/need flares? I saw his are -30. Just asking for a friend...
  15. Already? You just got the damn car haha keep an eye out for other drivers. Sounds like they're out to get you
  16. Aren't they Navaras in the mid east? *EDIT* Nevermind as per wiki they're called Roniz over in Iran and the Fronty is called a navara. First gen Xterra is called the Paladin.
  17. Yup. The Xterra wasn't based off the Patrol though. The new Armadas are oddly part of the Patrol family though.
  18. I have the DATSUN plate up here in AK. Don't have any of my Datsuns up here though, so I got it for my Xterra. Figure it'll be good for the garage when I move back home or if I ever make it to a Datsun meet up.
  19. Seems like meeting up with other youtubers help boost viewership. You could present your car/truck to channels like "that dude in blue" who will do reviews of your car and post your youtube link. Theres a kid named gingium that has gotten a lot bigger over the last year by doing that. Also if you have at least one really out there build like Tyler Fialko's cambergini it'll help attract people, then continue doing your normal content. I don't think he's really lost followers and his main build for the last almost year is a bozoku yota that he's been bondo and sanding for at least the last 6 months haha then again he mixes in builds his friends have going on also.
  20. Damn all the way to VA? Pretty clean looking truck with low miles though :thumbup:
  21. The 210 uses the same belts as a wrangler? That'll give lots of options. :thumbup:
  22. Hawaiian620

    Decklid racks.

    Late response. Been looking through the 210 forum to learn more about them. The '81 210 I just bought came with one. One of the little things I like most about it haha No wood trim though.
  23. I'm in the same boat with my driver's side belt.
  24. Guess I'll throw my .02 on here 18in Titan steelies. Can't remember what tire size is. Painted with Rustoleum metallic Aged Copper.
  25. :thumbup: It'll even have emblems from Stanley's owner
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