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  1. That what I figured, but didn't feel like arguing with the guy at 11am. Too early for that. I gotta run to another place for a filter anyways. Thanks for the quick response!
  2. I'm up for an oil change and when getting oil was advised not to run Delo 400 SAE 15w40. I trust the ratsun dudes more than the Orilleys manager who claims to have owned many of datsuns. Should I just run the 5w30 and find the additives instead of the delo 400?
  3. Drove the Datsun to Westport. I'm still unsure what the noise is, but it drove there and back just fine.
  4. At idle you can hear it if you listen for it, when I rev up it gets louder, but at a certain RPM it seems to go away.
  5. Nice to meet everyone! After talking with you guys, I realized I should've just drove the 210. My wife and I were saying you guys are a good example why we like the Datsun/Ratsun community so much. We'll see you guys at the next one!
  6. Will do. I'll be on a trip for a week, so I'll do it when I get back. I need to replace the wheel bearings and front coilovers on the Titan too. That time of year I guess.
  7. Odd noises are the worst. I guess over time someone learns what they all go to haha I had my wife start the car while I felt around the manifold. I couldn't feel anything or notice any change in sound. I drove it around and you can't hear the sound unless really listening for it. My plan is to use a score to listen to the valve cover. I just want to make sure its nothing serious. Thats my main concern.
  8. Sounds good, ill try that this evening. Thanks again for the advice!
  9. Spark plus are fine. After checking this morning, its gets more louder/faster when initially revved then goes away. From reading the forums and what Mike says, I'm leaning towards maybe a leak in the exhaust near the manifold.
  10. Its the rapid rattle/flutter sound. Kinda like a card in bicycle spokes.
  11. Weird sound started today. Gets louder if I give it gas. I've felt around and nothing seems loose and I haven't touched anything that silences the noise. Oil level is good, oil is a few months and less than 1k old. The sound is louder on the valve cover side than it is on the drivers side. No lost of power, engine starts and idles fine. Below is the video I took. https://youtu.be/ZhfLqhFtQ7I
  12. $9,995 from the import guys in Ferndale, WA. Nice looking car! https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/ctd/d/ferndale-rhd-1978-nissan-silvia-jdm/7348668931.html
  13. I think we pass the elma rest stop on our way down. We should be leaving at 9 also. Takes about 1hr 40mins to get to Elma *edit* Pending the noise coming from the 210, we may end up driving the Xterra instead. Hoping the issue is fixable by Saturday.
  14. Thats what I've read. I can't pick it up till end of month since I'll be out of town. Just in time for birthday shooting.
  15. Thats the first thing I thought of when I saw it. Childhood dream has become reality 😎
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