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Hi folks I’m Phil Rodda. 

Years ago I was part of the NW Datsun Owners. I had several different Datsuns. I’m finally back in a Datsun, one I’ve owned since the late 1990’s or early 2000’s memory is fuzzy on exact date. This “510” (I use quotes since it is a late 510) was thrown together for my niece to use while at college. Well jobs changed and I relocated to the east coast without a Datsun. 

Fast forward 20 years and a family emergency has me back in the NW. My 510 is now parked in my sisters garage and has been for years. 

My dad and I drag her out and the reanimation begins. 

The engine is filthy and barely runs after much coaxing. We manage
To coax her on a trailer and haul her to dads place. Once there we start tearing into the various problem areas. We start with the carburetor… my brother in law installed a Weber 32/36 dgav. Unfortunately over the two decades he tried to tune it with parts from 3
Other dg style carbs one was a Holley variant. The jets air bleeds and emulsion tubes were all very wrong. Once I corrected all of these errors it runs smoothly. 

Next was the alignment well a string alignment works if the strings are parallel with the centerline of the car. However someone mistakenly thought the front and rear track were the same(WRONG!!!) the resulting 1” of toe in destroyed the front tires. I re aligned the car using the centerline and the car was drivable again. Btw 1” of toe in feels like broken parts. 

Finally tires I put cheapie 195/50/15 tires on her because they only needed to last one trip. 

5 days from being in the garage I pulled out of dad’s driveway for an epic 5 day 4000 mile trip home. 

I’m daily driving her for the time being while my SE-R is being repaired. I’ll add some photos in a follow up post.

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 Your '510' started out as the first generation Violet (710 here) and the second generation was called the Stanza. (or A10 here) So call it a Stanza or A10 or even an HL510 to separate from the original PL510. I've always liked the look of the round eye A10.

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On top of making the trip including an 800 mile detour (rock slide in the mountains near Wyoming) the car averaged 31 mpg over 4000 miles. In addition I got to drive the Ike gauntlet (TFL truck fans will know this) I made the climb in 2nd gear with the throttle buried. 86hp engines struggle at 2-3 miles up. It was a fun trip I got to see very remote areas of Utah and Colorado. I climbed to altitudes some airplanes will never see. I saw roads so straight they disappear over the horizon. All through a 42 year old windshield. 

The trip proved the car to be very safe and reliable. The only issues on the trip were a punctured tire in Colorado and the oil pressure sender exploded in Utah both were easy fixes with almost no delay. 

All in all an epic journey


and yes it’s an HL510A10 aka Stanza aka violet 


here in the states it’s a red headed step child to the pl510 it was looked at as a poor replacement to the giant killer pl510 and was broadly hated. 

personally as a cruiser it’s a nice ride but handling is mush

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23 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

The round headlight A10 had a 2dr hatchback, 2 and 4 dr. sedans and wagons

The rectangle headlight A10 were 4 dr. hatchback, 2dr. sedans only and wagons.



Mine is just a base model sedan no ac but has automatic and had a radio delete but when the lower dash crumbled it went with it. 

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