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NOS Nissan/Datsun parts

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Hey guys i am new to this forum. I have plenty of Datsun/Nissan Parts for the B210/A14/A15/A10/SP311 Fairlady/510/620/720/D21/P40 and more. The items i have are mostly NOS original parts, but i also have jap aftermarket parts. The parts originally were important by the official Nissan dealership back in the day. Any ideas on how to sell them would be appreciated

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well i use a company called aramex https://www.aramex.com/eg/ar/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=AMX-CONV-WW-SC-IP-20210506&utm_term=general&gclid=Cj0KCQjw-daUBhCIARIsALbkjSbRgsv_xy12IYNssDsgQoEVwBxyzy4iELM8JIjHqqEgSmpGu5iJSz0aAuuCEALw_wcB


its a multinational company aspiring to be like DHL. For light weight stuff its not a problem to ship world wide for about 70 dollars for 2 pounds...If the items are wort 100 or more i am willing to contribute 35 dollars to the shipping

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