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Spare parts from other datsuns

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Reading through here I know there are a couple things I can use from a 280zx. There's a guy in Tennessee parting out a 280zx and I'm getting the front struts and the brake master cylinder from him. He also has a couple 300zxs he's parting out as well. Is there anything else I should see about getting to make some upgrades? Possibly rear end for an IRS conversion? Tranny swap? Just anything in general I could use? My car is a b310 hatchback.

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280zx non turbo 5 speed won't fit your 210 but if price is right you could sell it.

'79 mid ratio 5 speed was an option. probably the best over all ratio for a Datsun

'80-'83 5 speed was standard equipment and was a close ratio but 5th is rather a high over drive at 25.5% and not much use unless on the highway. 


280zx starters will fit any L4 engine. Some were gear reduction.

280zx alternators are at lease 50/60 amp output and internally regulated. Good spare for your 210 or sell to any Datsun car owner.


If a turbo automatic it will have a high output oil pump. Won't fit the A series engine but also has an oil cooler and adapter that should and any other Datsun.


 I really like the zx steering wheel.


The zx did have optional aluminum alloy rims known as the Swastika, 14" and the Iron Cross style, 15" (I think). Very collectible. With the right tire 14" and 15" they would fit your 210. You may need a 14" rim just to clear the much larger zx calipers. They use special shoulder lug nuts so get them also.


Through '81 the 280zx (non turbo) used an EI matchbox distributor. Very collectible for earlier 280z owners to upgrade to EI ignition!






Nothing about the zx rear suspension is worth the bother of attempting to swap it into a 210. IRS is terribly over rated.


Front master cylinder....

The zx master is designed to work with rear disc brakes so you will have to remove your rear drum residual valve and swap it into the rear circuit of the zx master to work effectively.



Rear disc brakes...

If an '82-'83 the rear disc brakes are kind of nice. Get caliper and rotor. You'll need to make an adapter plate to mount the caliper. Or just collect and sell it to someone that cares. Only advantage to rear disc brakes is they are almost maintenance free, and way faster and easier to change the pads..

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"The zx did have optional aluminum alloy rims known as the Swastika, 14" and the Iron Cross style, 15"


This is the other way around. Iron Cross is 14" and Swastika is 15"😉

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