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1982 Clarion DATSUN RN-437H 720 Stereo, no sound. Part # 285-0983-00

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The 2, 4Ω speakers I am using work, all leads have been tested for continuity.
All connectors have been tested.
The light comes on, there is no sound.
I put an analog meter on the speaker tabs while in on & off positions since it's push button on/off on the left knob.
Turned up to full volume and no reaction from the meter.....do I have a faulty amp/power supply ?
I haven't found any loose wires inside to or from the power supply or amp. I see no signs of burning or any smell of such.
I did have to change the bad Toshiba bulb. I cleaned out the power/speaker tab plate with zero residue  contact cleaner.
Does anyone know if it can be fixed? Is there a common problem with these units?
I have seen a few non working ones out there for sale,I am wondering if it's the same problem.
I have reached my diagnostic limits, nothing on the net or You Tube I could find on this stereo





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This time I was setting it up again when I connected the speaker ground/common, there was a pop in the speaker then nothing.
No power was running to the unit at this point, but the positive was connected to the speaker.
All other audio wires were connected but not making a circuit until I connected the common.
I assume this was a Capacitor discharging so that might mean it's in the amp.....?????

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Is there any info out there on how to wire a 
Clarion RF-1621 AM radio? I gave up on Google.

6 spade connectors, the bottom 2 are ground, continuity to the case.
The hand drawn diagram I got with one says the top left is 12v, top right is speaker.
The drawing shows a  wire going from left middle to right middle & lamp in the middle which makes no sense.
The symbols of the schematic are not drawn good there.

I suppose one of the grounds are for the speaker? Other Ground for power...?
It's been a long time since I messed with a radio

No description available.No description available.

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I made one good Clarion Datsun AM / FM unit from 2 like ones.
This one picked up stations better and all the pushbuttons worked.
A swap of the switch & picking out the best parts got me a nice one !!
I used the diagram to make up a DIN connector to
have the Stereo functional or the MP3 functional. .....the damn camera is chirping. The switch for the radio only works when it is switched to radio mode



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