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Datson by Nissan decals?


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I purchased a January 1981 720 4x4 with a utility bed on it which seems pretty odd. Reading made the bed. Was it produced like that? More importantly the decals on the front side fenders read. Datson by Nissan on them. This confuses me. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Nissan by Datson? 

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It was decided to 'hard' change the Datsun name back to Nissan around '82/'83 but before this in '79 the emblems started a 'soft' change from DATSUN  to DATSUN by NISSAN  to prepare the public. Some '83/'84 720s had a DATSUN decal in a secondary position on the tailgate and the 300zx and the Maxima both had a secondary DATSUN  emblem on the rear hatch/trunk into '86.  

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10 hours ago, DuallyDatsun said:

Technically the Datsun name was only created by Nissan for the American market. So Datsun by Nissan would be correct.

Hey you probably the guy I need to ask where in gods green earth can one find lug nuts for dually? 

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