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  1. emergency brake cable,, combination switches for headlights etc transfer case, carb and egr tube all vacumm switches and coils radiator , hell if it's cheap buy the vehicle
  2. My 85 720KC 4x4 only gets into 5th going downhill or cruizing on frwy in the valley,but has gone 85+pulling a 4x8 trailer w a roadracer in the trailer, or atleast that's what the CHP told me
  3. sweet , hopefully lower end is as nice
  4. got one on my 85 kc 4 x 4 , just wished you could use the rubber gasket instead of the cork one
  5. trjerm

    Best Tire size?

    I've got 235/75/15 on Toyota Tacoma rims on mine and only minor rubbing at full lock, but 5th gear is good for going down hill or long flats only!
  6. Hi last week I witnessed a head on in the mountains and I lent my jack & rod to try to open the passenger door, but there were numerous people working on the door, so I took off to get to a location to get cell reception to call in the accident and also saw another rollover so I got to call in 2 accidents w/ injuries but I lost the handle / rod for my jack! Anyone have an extra for an 85 720, thanks Tom only had to drive approx 20 miles to get cell service!
  7. I went ahead and pulled the ignition switch and it was a little loose, so I tightened up the crimps w/ a punch and it tightened it up nicely. I 'm hoping this takes care of the intermitant starting issue. Still have to figure out what's drawing my battery down when it sit's for 2-3 days.
  8. ok I'll pull the 2 wire plug overnight and check battery voltage before and after, thanks
  9. I pulled the 2 wire plug out of the alternator and started it and my volt meter read 12.6 volts and dropped to 12.2 v when I turned on the headlights. I then reconnected the 2 wire plug and the volts were 12.9 v right after starting it, then rose to 14.0 v after running for a min or so. When I turned on the headlights the volts dropped to 13.7v and 13.5v when headlights and fog lights were on. On testing the voltage drain, did you mean that I should disconnect the neg terminal and connect a test light between the terminal and the disconnected wire?
  10. what is a" sot start relay" that I need to get made up
  11. the latest starting issue seems to be related to the started circuit , possibly a dead spot on the starter., but I don't know, just looking for suggestions. Thanks for the ideas on searching down the voltage drain when sitting
  12. The horn works, but it's a little weak and the headlights seem a little dim in comparison to the fog light that I wired to the + battery post.
  13. Hello, I have a 1985 720 KC 4x4 and it's refused to even turn over on 2-3 occassions in the last few days . I installed some fog lights and my fuseable links were mikey moused so I cut the clip out and put some crimp on ends and wired them directly to the positive post. It's been having issues for a couple of months, where it loses voltage if it sits for a 2-3 days and will barely turn over and I'll have to charge it briefly to get it to start, but the latest, it won't even attempt to turn over and it's intermentant , in that ie, it'll start great all day and than won't even try after I stopped for dinner, than started fine after bump starting. I'm stumped !!!
  14. trjerm

    Vacuum lines

    Do you know which lines had restrictions in them? Mine have All been changed out and there aren't any with " small color paint marks " on them. Seems to run fine, but it'd be nice to see if it runs even better w/ the metered restrictions in place
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