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Datsun color code 938


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Why are there so many color codes that are so close in color! 


I'm trying to find this color code,



I emailed the shop that painted it and they said its factory color code of 938 which doesn't look anything like this factory color 938 below from a datsun that was on bring a trailer.




I also saw a picture of color code 931 which also seems very close.  Anyone know for sure?


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Apples and oranges.


First the pictures are by different cameras and printing technology. Second the lighting needs to be sunlight 5,500K, the light our eyes were evolved to register color the best. Pictures on the internet copied from charts and tables and reproduced on our monitors is impossible to definitively identify as the same or different. Keep this in mind when comparing two colors.

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Color codes are impossible on Datsuns - they have different names for the same code numbers and as DMike said color reproduction from swatches on the internet suck.


Although appearing a bit more orange, your car looks closer to code 906 which is named Safari Brown, or Gold or Orange. Here is my 1972 510 wagon outside in the sun.





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9 hours ago, datzenmike said:

With optional e brake.

Glad I had that option - photo was taken before I had the second 620 master cylinder installed and the leaking brake fitting fixed and rear brake shoes adjusted and brakes bled for the fourth or fifth time. Now I have that option available for another project if I should ever want to do again. 🙃


Mike, the Blackball ferry is starting to run on November 8th, so if you ever get down here, give me a call and we can have a cuppa and you can see the project (and I'll even pass along the optional e-brake to you.)  <grin>




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