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    I picked up a 1980 toyota pickup that I'm building up a little for wheelin. I need a front bumper, brackets and lower valance painted or chrome, I'm in Lemont IL so probably need to ship too. Picture is not my truck but is the front bumper that I am looking for.


  2. One last note the sheet metal on the outside is 1 mm thick and the second layer the runs on a diagonal with the welded on nuts for the bumper is 1.85mm thick.
  3. Here is the pictures I think I would have wanted to see before cutting it open. All three layers, I cut and removed carefully so I didn't cut the good metal underneath.
  4. Didnt want to have to take the lower valance off but it needs to be done to do it right.
  5. Yenpit thanks for the contact, if I can't make these patches I will definitely reach out to him for some. A few more pictures The piece with the nut is the piece sandwich in the middle.
  6. Looks good, did you weld in thicker metal or is the inside layer in there? I cut the outside piece off. I want to fix/replace the inside piece and then add the outside piece.
  7. I have a bore scope... good idea I'll do some work on it this weekend and snap a few pictures, thanks.
  8. Inside frame rail is super clean, both front sides are like this but seems weird to me considering how clean everything else really is. I do have a welder, cutoff disk and a spot weld cutter and have fix/patch stuff before. Just reading and searching before cutting it open.
  9. I started working on my 72 510 again and I want to repair the rust in the front frame extension that is down by where the front bumper mounts. I started to cut just through the first layer. I pealed it back and saw that there is a second piece that runs on an angle and looks like a reinforcement for the front bumper mount. I've searched for pictures but can't seem to anything on this spot for repair. Anyone have pics or suggestions for repair in this area?
  10. This guy came up with a great idea... he seems pretty smart.
  11. Mike is that at 1:1 with the drive pulley? I think you have to take into account the pulley size of the crank pulley driving the blower.
  12. Yep I have those, I bought a eastwood kit some time ago. I'll do most of it now and touch it up after getting the seats changed and valve job if I need to.
  13. So after the valve seat is changed I can smooth the bottom of the seat to smooth it to the head? 20200316_160326
  14. Mike, yes to all three. And Yes I'm trying to do the little things that will add up, I will add relieving the block to unshroud the valves. Most of this stuff I can do myself and I like to do anyway. Hainz I was going to use the L20B cam that I have that was in this head. I know budget a performance don't go together and that's why I didn't even look at cams. How do you guys feel about buying and using used cams?
  15. I bought head savers and wanted to mill the head to raise the compression, I would like to be right at 9:1 with the flat top pistons and A87 head. I will always run 93 octane in this car, its not a daily driver and I'm not worried about gas mileage at all. The intake seats are bronze and the exhaust are steal. I was going to have the machine shop replace just the bronze seats and then get the 3 angle valve job. I think I understand what blending the bowl means. When the seats are installed the material just under the seat should be even with the v
  16. Wow almost exactly a year later. I'm back on my project. Still building the L16 with flat tops and the open A87 head. I will be running dcoe 40s on a cannon intake. I disassembled the head and port matched the cannon intake to the A87 head. All I did was layout blue, installed intake, scribed a line around each port and then open the port to match the line. I then used sanding drums to just smooth it a bit about 1/2" into the port. I placed the intake/exhaust gasket on it and did the same to the exhaust ports. I didnt touch anything else, is there anything else I can do?
  17. And I was looking at T3 website and they sell a big brake kit for 280zx struts that can still run 13" wheels. If I use the dynalite calipers and a smaller rotor can I make that work too or are the T3 calipers smaller? The last pieces I need are rotors and make or buy the caliper brackets.
  18. Measured the struts and the are stock length 14.8 I did some more searching and came across a post here: https://club-s12.org/forum/index.php?topic=38256.0 This is copied from that post " KYB customer service rep told me last Friday one of their tech engineers would contact me about this. As of Monday night no one had but Tuesday morning I received the following: Good Morning Please ensure that all liquid and any obstructions have been removed from the cartridge housing. KYB cartridge will not install flush with the housing but the gland nut will go no more tha
  19. I'll have to measure when I get home from work today. I did some more searching and it looks like a few other people have had the same issue but just ran it anyway.
  20. I'm putting together 280zx struts with T3 coilover kit with dynalite calipers and 300z hubs for my 72 510. I have the coilover ring welded to the struts and the struts are cleaned up and painted. I mocked up the KYB insert and noticed that the gland nut does not fully tighten down to the strut tube, there is about 3/16" gap. That is without the washer installed that came with the insert, is it normal to have the gap? My car has 15" panasports rim that I will be using. I know that these will clear the dynalite calipers with the 300z hubs brake combo. And I read that 13" wheels
  21. I agree with this, have some long shelf life food and some water. Even if things dont get bad, people sometimes will just make things worse. The last place I want to be is at the grocery store if some freak out scenario causes everyone to panic. If something happens I can go straight home and hopefully wait it out. I have plenty to do at home, like working on getting my hood pins installed.
  22. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/pleasant-prairie-1981-datsun-200-sx/7077982100.html
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