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  1. I have a dent just like yours - are you planning to take the fender off to fix it or what? I am not sure about my ability in doing body work. 😞
  2. I have my 510 wagon with VG33 engine up and running and using it for errands around town - my project page has pictures. https://ratsun.net/topic/74834-72-510-goon-prova-because-it-will-be-a-test/ What I am curious about is the best transmission fluid to use? The trans is a 5-speed Z31 transmission: FS5W71C and it works in all gears and shifts. It is a little bit noisy. I have no idea the origin of the trans - it came with the car and was bought a few years before I got the car. Not sure of the miles or history at all. So I am looking to put the best fluid I can into it to either help renew it or at least keep it from getting ruined. I was thinking about using Amsoil synthetic manual transmission fluid. What does everyone think? Any better suggestions? Cheers
  3. How about a whole new fender from Futofab for $399?
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    Looking for a set of 280zx center caps as in the picture. These will be going on my 510 so I am planning to sand off the "Z" and modify. I need really inexpensive ones since I am going to be sanding and trying to put a Datsun logo of some type on them. Cheers.


    Port Angeles, Washington - US

  5. Hi, I am interested in this - I can come down almost any day from Port Angeles, Please let me know what days would work for you. I have a 510 wagon with a VG33 engine swap so I am thinking having a spare differential would be a good idea. Cheers, Michael
  6. I think I used all the wires out of the tach to connect the converter box per their instructions. The tach works fine, just no lights and there are two empty sockets on the back of the tach. Cheers, M
  7. Thanks Iceman - great photo of the harnesses. I have the 4 cylinder factory tach all wired up and running with the V6 engine using a TachMatch converter box. All I think I need would be the bulb harness you show on the left. I am assuming there are connectors on the stock harness in my dash somewhere - I just don't recall seeing that many extra wires when I had the dash apart. Is yours for sale? Shoot me a PM.
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    UPDATE: I found my eyebrow trim and will just run with it even though bent.So it will sort of match the dented fender that will also remain unfixed for quite some time. Thanks to all who responded to this ad. I need a driver side headlight eyebrow trim piece for my '72 510 wagon project- I had one that I was going to work on repairing but it has disappeared. Looked everywhere in the garage and house and office but it's gone. ☚ī¸ Hopefully I can find one that is in better shape. 🙂 Cheers all.


    Port Angeles, Washington - US

  9. Iceman, Thanks, let me know what you have. I have the tach hooked up and working using new wiring for the TechnoVersion TachMatch box to convert the VG33 signal to the 4 cylinder tach. All I need is the lights. 🙂
  10. Nope, that is what I called socket/holder. I don't think I have a tach wiring harness which might include the holder - at least I did not see anything when I had the clock out.
  11. I installed my factory tach and it works great but it did not have any light socket/holder or bulbs. What is the best watt bulb and size of holder? This bulb? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LW7ESJE/?coliid=I34XI788YK6MM7&colid=LDUJJ7WXHAXE&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it or this bulb https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06VY1S2GQ/?coliid=I2NPWGKN2T14O7&colid=LDUJJ7WXHAXE&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it There are two holes in the tach with what appear to be contacts for the holders. Once again, thanks to all for any help.
  12. Hey JBirds, All hope is not lost - you have the Powerland III dates set, just let it rest and see how things sort out regarding covid and regulations. I really appreciate what you did for organizing Powerland and think it is a great venue and event. I will have my VG33 510 wagon done and will be bringing it - I still have some minor tweeks to deal with but I am taking it out for small errands and drives around town. By next year I will be ready for the 5+ hour drive. Keep the faith - I would be willing to spend some time sharing the duties of checking people in or whatever. Regards, Michael
  13. Thanks Mike, So the fill plug in the 510 wagon differential I can take it out to measure? Or am I safe to just find a magnetic differential drain plug for the 510... Michael
  14. I am getting the last few items on my 510 Wagon VG33 project done and want to put a magnetic drain plug in the transmission. since I have fluid in the trans I was hoping to get a new plug then do a quick switch with out losing much fluid. But I don't know the size of the plug to order. I have a 5-speed of unknown mileage Z31 transmission: FS5W71C. Anyone know the drain plug size? thank all.
  15. Here's a wiring diagram of the electric choke on '72 US 510. Just so you can see what the original wiring colors were. Diagram also shows the jumpers for an internally regulated alternator that you can ignore.
  16. Thanks Rob, so far I am loving it. I am confident enough to use the car as a second daily driver when needed. Still needs a few minor tweaks.
  17. Thanks TJ, the local selection here in Port Angeles is very thin so no matches or anything even close. I was hoping to order something, but have no idea what is a close match for duplicolor and their charts are unreliable - that's why I asked if anyone knew.
  18. Took the car out for its first gas fill up from a pump. With my wife - giving me a "Victory" sign. 🙂 And then off to JiffyLube for all the new suspension fittings to get lubed: And over the pit and all greased up. And then home again with no major incidents! All in all a good errand run and now I have a new to-do list.
  19. My last piece arrived today- NOS out of Japan found at Classicgarage.com Brewster, NY:
  20. Does anyone have the exact bulb number and fitting (?) that I need for the stock tach. My tach is missing two bulbs as shown in picture of the back of the tach:
  21. Still waiting on a master cylinder - so I pulled the stock 510 tach off the shelf and installed it. Since I have the VG33 V6 I bought a converter box from Technoversions in Arlington, Washington. I did not have to take the tach apart or mod it in any way. Just wired up the converter box as in the instructions and here is what happened: The owner, Brian was super to deal with - he checked the tach was working, calibrated it and sent back in one day. Super service and I am so happy to have a stock unmolested 510 tach working with the V6. The converter box is small enough to fit right next to the tach behind the dash panel out of sight. https://www.technoversions.com/ Now I just need to find some bulbs so I can see the tach at night. 🙂
  22. That could be my Japanese older sister car...love it!
  23. Looks like they disappeared long ago by a previous owner. I think I will use a zip tie just to keep it from rattling for the time being. Thanks! EDIT: Done!
  24. I am tidying up things - like putting the splash panel on. Only problem is there does not appear to be any fasting place for the REAR part of the pan. Front two bolts are fine. I have the pan sitting on top of the sway bar but underneath the frame is nothing either. Any BTDT or picture of one installed. Here is what I am seeing: And yes, you can see the messed up paint from all the leaking master cylinders I have been dealing with.
  25. HI Matt, Thanks for the links - I usually search for one specific item that is my first choice and then move on to 2nd, 3rd. Searching all results for each item trying to find available and best pricing. The master cylinder I prefer is the Raybestos like this:
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