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  1. I am having trouble keeping all the pieces together while assembling the calipers and carrier to put on the strut. the pads and little springy clips and carrier just sort of sit loose until the caliper is put down over them to press on the springy clips to hold the pads in place. No matter how I try to put these together something always moves or drops out while trying to assemble. Does anyone have any shortcuts or pointers on how to keep this together. The little springy clips also seem to move around while assembling and once the caliper and carrier are together it's hard to tell if the clips are still in the correct place. Any advice or tips appreciated. I have it together but don't have confidence that it is correct.
  2. Have you looked at rockauto.com remans - raybestos or cardone - under $50 including core. If you're not fussy about brand - looks like Autozone has their Duralast calipers available.
  3. Wow! - race car! Great job in the transformation. Look forward to hearing your race reports..
  4. Yep. I understand - hate when the interwebs don't work. Biggest problem I find with cut and paste of email addresses is there is a space before or after the address included in the cut that makes the email different and it will bounce. Glad you have it taken care of - and as always, love your car! I have hopes that mine will be as fun as yours albeit it will never look as good. <smile> but I am working on it... <grin>
  5. Too bad this won't happen but honestly as a senior with an underlying lung condition - going out anywhere with the covid-19 still around is not advised. So not sure I could even come if it was on. Thanks jbirds for handling this and doing a good job of keeping us up to date - I look forward to next year.
  6. Duncan, I emailed Riley at Lynchburg Nissan and got a reply within an hour or so. He says he has lots of emails and has been slow to respond, but they should not bounce. He said he would check his inbox but I did not know your email address to give to him. As you said, so much for easy. The Nismo caps are an attractive alternative. Either way your car will still look great!
  7. Hey Duncan, why bother with a search - Crashtd gave you the link and you most likely will not find one elsewhere. If you want to just surf the net then surf the datnissparts.com site. If you do not find any parts you need, it's a great resource for what the original parts looked like. just sayin.
  8. I forgot about this great resource (datnissparts.com) - thanks for posting Crash. Contact by email only I think but they have a fabulous amount of old Datsun stuff. On their website if there is a price they have the part - if the price is $0 they do not. vintage@lynchburgnissan.com
  9. I see MrBigTanker has one, which if original I would recommend since it is much better looking than the rockauto ones which are cheap looking. I used one of the Stant ones on my VG33 and it looks like what it is - cheap. The L motor valve covers (especially yours) are so nice - it seems a shame to spoil it with the cheapo ones right on top. Now that you know it needs a gasket, I know that you can make one. You've done such a wonderful job with all the other stuff on your car! Cheers
  10. To the best of my memory the oil caps did have a seal/gasket. I don't have an L series motor anymore so can't go look but here is a linked photo from the jdm-car-parts.com site: https://jdm-car-parts.com/collections/engine-parts-nissan-datsun-fairlady-z-240z-260z-280z-280zx/products/oil-filler-cap-with-oil-reconditioned-unit-for-datsun-240z-series-2?variant=917152249
  11. Here's the link to the story comparing the new Apple macbook with an Acer. The Macbook = fine european performance car. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3542609/the-1799-macbook-pro-13-vs-the-650-acer-swift-3-guess-who-wins.html Here is the cut and paste of the two mentions if you don't want to read the whole thing. "What happens though, if you’re at a stoplight with your fine European performance car, and a primer-painted Datsun 510 pulls up and revs its engine?" (the Acer is the Datsun) and then later they say.. . "That’s what we tell ourselves when the Datsun 510 leaves us so far behind at the light, we check to see if we had our luxury European performance car in reverse." Nice compliments for our cars. <grin>
  12. Check with Dave Carroll in Tacoma - I am pretty sure I saw one in his shop yesterday. I asked him how best to have people contact him from ratsun and he said use his personal facebook page. Good luck.
  13. rosso

    Washer fluid

    Horn locations are just behind the headlights - there is a left and right horn and they mount with two screws but I replaced the rusted screws with new bolts. Driver side, one green wire: Passenger side, two green wires in one connector: replacements for screws why you don't want to use screws: ' once rusted they are awful to get out !! For your washer nozzles, put an ad in the ratsun.net classifieds - there are tons of guys out there with extra cars and parts. I have had very good luck with getting parts that way.
  14. rosso

    Washer fluid

    Plastic fluid line goes into the fender through an oval hole behind the washer bottle, then comes out another oval hole just to the rear of the strut tower. Then goes across the firewall along with the wiring harness to the two nozzles. There is a plastic "T" below the first nozzle.
  15. If an air mattress and tent is still good for you - you are not old. Even the back of wagons or trucks is too much for the two of us anymore. The trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night is much easier in a motel. ☺️
  16. I'm staying in Salem at the same place as last year. Very close and easy to get to. Relatively affordable (reservation made last year) and has free small breakfast. Best Western Pacific Highway Inn 4646 Portland Road NE, Salem, OR, 97305
  17. My '72 wagon has a red light for fasten seatbelt warning. As I recall my very first 510, a '72 2-door sedan also had this warning light. (Not that this has anything to do with the knobs.)
  18. Have you looked at the ones on nicoclub? https://www.nicoclub.com/archives/datsun-pickup-wiring-diagrams-for-320-520-521-620-720.html Read this thread here on ratsun: https://ratsun.net/topic/77193-two-different-relays-for-datsun-510-headlights/
  19. Anyone want to recommend a brand of electric fan? I'll take quiet, cheap, or good quality. Two out of three would be nice. Anything to help narrow down the choices, since I don't know about any of them and never had one. Seems to be a ton on ebay and amazon.
  20. If you missed the center console post in the body/interior forum, here is a photo:
  21. Another positive thing happened as I finished the center console - I noticed this: The gas gauge works! And it looks like there is enough of something (like gas) in the tank that maybe it is not all gunky or corroded. So i can drain it - maybe 2-3 gallons - and hopefully put some new gas with antifreeze and be okay. I can be an optimist. 🙂 If I can avoid pulling the gas tank out, that would save me a ton of time for stuff to get done. Right now I am up against the Powerland date and not being able to go out for parts or supplies and deliveries being delayed. Only 9 weeks and I still need to get the driveshaft shortened and have an exhaust pipe made to connect the headers (if EE can get them made) to my exhaust system. Wrenching away on the Olympic Peninsula...
  22. I might be able to bring it forward a bit after I get the shifter bushings replaced. When I put the trans into reverse now, the shift lever is just 1/4" away from the console. I can live with the drink holder being a bit hard to use -- in my Audi wagon one of the cup holders is under the armrest and really tough to use.
  23. Thanks all, in process using what I have. Better than it was all faded red and rusted.
  24. Here is the installed center armrest - all I wanted really and there is not much room between the seats. Getting the seat belts may be a problem if they fall back down on the floor. Nice finish and very affordable from walmart. Additional storage area and a cup holder at the back, which may be awkward to reach. We'll live with it for a while and try it out on some trips - like Powerland !! Holy smokes - only 9 weeks to get this finished.
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