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    I picked up a 1980 toyota pickup that I'm building up a little for wheelin. I need a front bumper, brackets and lower valance painted or chrome, I'm in Lemont IL so probably need to ship too. Picture is not my truck but is the front bumper that I am looking for.


  2. One last note the sheet metal on the outside is 1 mm thick and the second layer the runs on a diagonal with the welded on nuts for the bumper is 1.85mm thick.
  3. Here is the pictures I think I would have wanted to see before cutting it open. All three layers, I cut and removed carefully so I didn't cut the good metal underneath.
  4. Didnt want to have to take the lower valance off but it needs to be done to do it right.
  5. Yenpit thanks for the contact, if I can't make these patches I will definitely reach out to him for some. A few more pictures The piece with the nut is the piece sandwich in the middle.
  6. Looks good, did you weld in thicker metal or is the inside layer in there? I cut the outside piece off. I want to fix/replace the inside piece and then add the outside piece.
  7. I have a bore scope... good idea I'll do some work on it this weekend and snap a few pictures, thanks.
  8. Inside frame rail is super clean, both front sides are like this but seems weird to me considering how clean everything else really is. I do have a welder, cutoff disk and a spot weld cutter and have fix/patch stuff before. Just reading and searching before cutting it open.
  9. I started working on my 72 510 again and I want to repair the rust in the front frame extension that is down by where the front bumper mounts. I started to cut just through the first layer. I pealed it back and saw that there is a second piece that runs on an angle and looks like a reinforcement for the front bumper mount. I've searched for pictures but can't seem to anything on this spot for repair. Anyone have pics or suggestions for repair in this area?
  10. This guy came up with a great idea... he seems pretty smart.
  11. Mike is that at 1:1 with the drive pulley? I think you have to take into account the pulley size of the crank pulley driving the blower.
  12. Yep I have those, I bought a eastwood kit some time ago. I'll do most of it now and touch it up after getting the seats changed and valve job if I need to.
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