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I guess when it rains it pours lol


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I bought another 720 two weeks ago, (I think I may have a problem lol), it's an 86 4x4 ST and the body is in really good condition. The hope was that I could fix the exhaust and drive it for a while and slowly work on it. I have another truck that is the exact same color that I had started another thread on and will continue with progress on this truck in that thread since I'll use parts from both to make one good truck. Anyway, It had a really bad oil leak that appeared to be coming from the filter, i checked it and it was loose so I figured all was good. After changing the oil and filter, oil is still leaking pretty bad around that general area so hopefully it's just the sending unit.


After that I went to change the transmission fluid and this crap fell out and there was a LOT of metal shavings on the magnet. So the transmission has to come out and have at least one bearing replaced, luckily I have a spare from the other truck so I'll just use that for now and fix this one later.




Was hoping not to have to pull the transmission but I guess that's how it goes. After changing the oil and driving it up the road the engine also has a little bit of a rattle, especially as the RPMs get higher so I'll have to see what that is. I am wondering if the previous owner didn't put something in the oil to try and make the engine a little quieter because the oil didn't smell like normal used motor oil when I drained it.


Also went to change the drivers side front wheel bearing only to realize the automatic hub internals were in bad shape with metal shavings and really worn parts. Once again, it pays to have more than one truck 🙂


Then after realizing all of that, I got in my daily driver 2wd 85 720 to run to Lowes to get something and the fuel pump went out on it before I even got out of the driveway. I just went inside, took a shower, and decided to call it a day. Figured maybe I shouldn't touch anything else lol.







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Getting that far means it didn't come on when you started and ran on what was already in the carburetor.


1981–1985 Nissan and Datsun Pickup Fuel-Pump Problems - AxleAddict


L is code for Blue


Pull the plug off the fuel pump relay shown above. It's above the passenger kick panel beside the glove box. Make a short jumper and connect the Blue wire to the White/Black stripe wire. Turn key to accessory and you should hear the pump running if it is good. Not running means one or more other conditions are not met. For example the #5 fuse is blown or alternator is not charging properly. 

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