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1977-620 total restoration advice request


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Hello all you Datsun wizards out there!  

I have an old 620 (77 body on a 79 chassis).  It runs great but lots of parts are close to wearing out and cosmetically it could use quite a bit of love.  I live in Texas and the sun/heat here has severely disintegrated anything rubber/plastic on the truck.  I was curious if any of you that have undertaken a full restore have any advice or suggestions on finding parts on a larger scale than single issue repairs?  Especially anything in the rubber/plastic realm.  I'm not hell bent on total OEM but previous owner (that did the 77/79 mod) used a lot of universal parts that aren't standing the test of time due to improper fit.  I'm always checking Ebay, New-Datsun-Parts.com, and Rock Auto but parts are few and far between.  Any suggestions on how you may have worked through the parts issue would be greatly appreciated.  Not opposed to looking into buying a parts vehicle but from what I can see, most would have the same issues mine is having simply from age. 

Thank you so much for your time!!

Best wishes,


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I think steel rubber just released door gaskets, plus front and rear gaskets....




These guys too...



I think the wing window is an Ebay item....


Most of the stuff is delt with and found as problems arrive....

I have a 521 so there are some challenges finding parts, the 620 has a little better support but it's still best to search around a little...

Some is still available through nissan but you'll need to give them a part number or they are clueless....

Use this sight to search oem part numbers...


And cross reference from there looking for superseding part numbers...

Also ratsun has a wealth of knowledge,  ask and some will probably know about a specific item...

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A fair amount of mechanical repair parts can be found via RockAuto and other sellers on eBay, body bit are VERY hard to find though and seem to be made primarily of Unobtainium. Thanks to the World Wide Web stuff is available around the globe. Happy Hunting!

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