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510 Wagon spare tire size

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I need to get ready for the road trip to Powerland - I thought I better check out the spare.


I lowered it down and it is a 155R12. I said what the? Is this the correct size for a 510 wagon spare?


I thought all 510 were 13" - but I never had a wagon before. It is about the right diameter compared to the 195/60-14 I have on the car.


It is a rather old tire, so I am going to buy one tire no matter what - the question is do I go with the 155R12 or is it better to have a 165R13. And will that fit up in the spare wheel space under the rear of the car? If I go with 13" I will need to buy a steel wheel also.

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5.60 X13 is stock


Diameter is key. As long as the 12" and tire is the same as the 195/60R14 you are running.


The 195/60R14 is 23.21" tall measure the spare but I doubt it is close.


A 195/70R12 tire is an exact match (height and width) to the 195/60R14s you have..

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Thanks Mike, I was trying to confirm that the 12" was something a previous owner put on - not stock for the wagon. Given how much I have spent on the car, and it being a spare tire, I was thinking of saving the $50 cost of buying another steel wheel. Maybe the 165/13 will be cheaper than the 155/12 to offset the new wheel a bit.


You going to Powerland? I missed meeting you at the last Canby.




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Definitely. Even the 13" stock steel will not clear the ZX brakes in the front. So if I ever have a front flat I will need to put the spare on the back, then move the back to the front flat.


Not ideal, but I can live with that since no larger tire or wheel will fit under the car easily.

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