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My 1940 Ford Jalopy rebuild

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I knew this car was #14 from the get go...(one of the reasons I bought it...that was my old racing number)...I used to get angry when someone would do a quick paint over something to hide the old sins...this is the second one that I got to peel off and show the real beauty... 


20210912_165538 (1).jpg

20210915_170438 (1).jpg

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So I was getting to t point in the build where I was trying to source a old Ford V8 motor and transmission and I was hitting up some of the sources that I had and then one night I get this unknown number comes up on my phone..."Hey Mike this is Dick....I heard you re looking for some old parts?"...


I was so stoked....I was gonna get the missing parts to get this thing to the point of driving it again...he shows up one night buys the car from me...


I was upside down with the project and I was getting to the point where no matter I did I was never going to get my money back...so we made a deal...


I am missing it terrible but like I said I was upside down in it already and he promised to let me know if he went to sell it I would get first dibs...


I did just picked up my next project...a 1959 Morris Minor...waiting on the shippers to pick it up in Columbus Ohio as we speak...




Craigslist ad for 1940 Ford stock car May 2019.PNG

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Too bad about the Ford, but I get it.  I've owned a couple of Morris Vans. 


I ended up selling both as unfinished projects, unfortunately.  One day, I would like to acquire another van and finish one.  I've always liked that the vans and pickups had a full frame under them..



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