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  1. jagman

    Rebuild begins!

    I am at the TDC with both valves closed on #1 cylinder . I have to check out the problem with the wiring to the second coil and haven't got a clue as to where to start on that puzzle. But I will muzzle my way forward or backward as the case may be.
  2. jagman

    Rebuild begins!

    Mike, I checked the fuses and all are OK. The coil test [ coil #1 nada , coil #2 short and yellow spark] failed. I pulled 2 msd coils from the old race parts bin and have installed them. Now I have a 1/2" strong spark from each. I tried to start her up and still nothing. I gave her a squirt of ether and still no joy! It has to be something small and smart because I am feeling soooo stupid. KSS principal Keep Steve Stupid
  3. Everything here is SW Virginia is just fine but very quiet. I had to get some supplies for the shop yesterday, welding gas and rod and wire, and the folks there said they would be open for the duration. My second stop was a tractor parts place for parts and paint, they also are open for the foreseeable future. I passed about 5 cars and trucks on the hwy getting to town. Our AC motor supplier showed up at the shop in the afternoon to tell me that my grinder motor is shot and has another ordered for me. They are also staying open. Hell, I have no excuse for shutting down now!!!!
  4. jagman

    Rebuild begins!

    No she won't fire up. I checked the spark with a plug so I don't know how far the spark will jump. I will find out. Remember that I found the second coil was not getting any voltage and wired between them to get voltage to the second coil. I will check the spark from both coils. Thanks!
  5. jagman

    Rebuild begins!

    OK. I am stumped! At TDC I have rechecked the setting of the distributor shaft. It is correct per Mike"s Photo. I rechecked the rotor and it points to Intake 1. All the plug wires are properly arranged around the cap. I checked spark and I am getting a yellow arc so I have fire but I have always had a bluish spark on other vehicles. Would it be a good thing to replace the original coils with a couple of 40,000 volt racing coils and check again? The only thing I can think of!
  6. jagman

    Rebuild begins!

    Hi Mike and Charlie69, I am going to recheck the setting of the distributor and the plug wires since that is the only thing left to futs with. I appreciate the help with the photo posting too. Today I got back to the truck and rechecked the dizzy and wires. Wires are in the proper order on the cap. I hit the starter and got a backfire so I think that's where the problem is. When the distributor is in the firing position what position should the vane (metal) and the 4 tits on the dizzy shaft be?
  7. I'm waiting for the tee shirt that says " I don't have Corona" on the front and on the back says " I drink Coors".
  8. jagman

    Rebuild begins!

    Hi Mike, So my Z24 engine is ass backward since my intake side is at 7-8 and the exhaust is at 4-5. I will take another look at the dizzy setting tommorrow and see if I need to change the plug wires from intake on the inside of the cap to the outside of the cap. I recently had an altercation with a mikita wire brush and am waiting to regrow the skin on my left hand. As they say when you get old you can't even hold your own and no one else will! https://postimg.cc/gallery/2wcw28rvg/ I hope this pic will show at least one side of the cam. The insert image thingy does'nt seem to work for me. I also want to thank Hainz for the video. That is a good looking engine -- Hainz isn't bad either for a youngster.
  9. jagman

    Rebuild begins!

    Ya, It is a z24.
  10. jagman

    Rebuild begins!

    Hainz, I can't read a clock either, the lobes are art the 7 and 9 o:clock position (valves fully closed) and I did prime the pump. Should the intake plug wires be on the inside row of the cap or the outside? Where can I look for your video?
  11. jagman

    Rebuild begins!

    I pulled the timing cover off before this and made sure that I set the chain on the marks with the crank and number one piston TDC. I reassembled the timing cover and set the valve lash. I set the oil pump and dizzy shaft per the diagram mike provided. The engine fired for several revolutions and died. I actually restarted it and it ran for a minute or so since then nothing. I looked at the machinists work sheet and he decked the head and the block but does not specify the amount removed from either. Could this be a problem? The number one cam lobes are pointed at 7 o:clock on the intake and 11 o:clock on the exhaust with the piston up in the cylinder. If I had any wits I'd be at the end of them!
  12. jagman

    Rebuild begins!

    OK, I have set the crankshaft to TDC and pulled the cam cover to check that the number 1 cylinder valves are closed. They are, but the silver timing chain link is no longer on the 2 mark on the cam sprocket. I don't know whether it is supposed to stay on the mark when it is turned over multiple times. I have tried to take pictures of the cam and will attempt to post them here along with a few pics of the truck. https://postimg.cc/0KwvfGbt
  13. Most of the people around here that do repair and service work are past retirement age. We interact with the populace on a regular basis. None of the people I have spoken with is overly concerned about themselves but do worry about "the older folks" and are making more of an effort to stay in touch with those near them in case they need help. All the churches here have cancelled all services which means that a normal method of communicating concerns to others has decreased. I spoke to several of my customers about this and they have agreed to "look in" on their elderly neighbors for the foreseeable future. This might be something we all should consider doing?
  14. jagman

    Rebuild begins!

    Well, like everything else I ordered the new batteries for the camera and they arrived DOA so no camera yet but I have rechecked all the timing settings. Cam sprocket on 2, chain on 2, crank on mark, distributor rewired for the ignition plugs to fire from the inner ring. All valve lash set for 12 thousands cold. I am having no luck firing her up an can't understand why. I have checked fuel and it is getting to the carb. I have fire at the plugs. What timing issue have I missed?
  15. Juan, I have one but have no way to ship it to you unless it is boxed in a wooden frame. Fastenal will ship between stores if properly packaged. Cost?
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