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  1. I own a few old cars that have had similar problems with the tanks. If the rust holes are not near the drain or the pump outlet, I use solder to coat he tank exterior and if additional structure is required I use brass screen wire to build up the patch. Make sure you use a soldering gun NOT a torch and run exhaust from a running vehicle into the tank for 20 mins before doing any soldering. The metal has to be clean for the solder to adhere so I wire brush and use hydrochloric acid to clean the surface immediately before the operation. Breathing this is hazardous so wear a mask or have a strong fan blowing the fumes away from your face. Outside is a good place to do this. The basement can be a real mess if you haven't properly run the exhaust into the tank and bald can be beautiful after the bleeding stops.
  2. jagman

    Exciting 720

    Lordy Mike I did as you suggested and bought a chain wedge to fit and that worked well. I also sanded the head to flatten it ( It must have been out of true by a lot ) over three days. My arms may drop off. This time I am cranking on the hose clamps til I see the rubber deform so I won't have to do this for a fourth time. 1 Hose blew due to bad hose. 2 Hose clamp broke made in China. 3 Hose disconnected from lower rad inlet - owner not over tightening the clamp I am rechecking everything as I put it back together.......... Thanks for your perseverance and advice.
  3. If in your test drive you find the same vibration check for an out of balance tire.
  4. jagman

    Exciting 720

    OK I will deck the head as you suggest but I will need the chain wedge that fits this engine. Mine it turns out is too short and does not hold back the tensioner. If you have a source for the right one it would help a lot.
  5. jagman

    Exciting 720

    Mike, The engine overheated a tad and I blew the head gasket again. I need to get one of those chain pucks you have because I don't want to change anything but the head gasket. If you have a source for one I would gladly buy it. I have been buying the head gaskets from RockAuto but they appear to be a bit tender and so would appreciate a recommendation as to a more rugged gasket. Thanks. Steve
  6. jagman

    Exciting 720

    Well I got to drive it for 12 miles before the Little hose let go (evidently not tight enough on the clamp) so back to the new head gasket again! Mike do you have a source for the chain wedge you have and what head gasket do you recommend? I have been using the kit supplied by RockAuto but they don't seem to that robust. I will replace the head gasket one more time but I think I'm wearing all the bolts out!!!
  7. jagman

    Exciting 720

    Hey Mike, It turns out that the one I have is too short and the spring tensioner popped out anyway. The engine is now back together and I will time it today. I had replaced the 90 weight in the tranny before the last fiasco with 30 weight to flush it. Now I have clean 90 weight in there. Wish me luck.
  8. jagman


    Just curious. Have you checked the water pump? On one of my cars I had a water pump fail because the impeller vanes got et somehow and it wasn't pushing enough through the radiator.
  9. I have a junk 720 KC that has a good windshield and I am in western VA near Mt. Airy NC.
  10. jagman

    Using brake fluid

    I noticed the same phenomenon with my chrysler ans found it to be a pinhole in the rear brake line. It only showed when the brakes were applied and then only as a drop which was swept away by the wind when moving leaving no telltale trace on the car or the floor of the garage. I ended up replacing all the lines because of the internal rust in the lines.
  11. I have not had good luck painting over POR 15. I have used an etching primer after roughing the POR and cleaning it with enamel reducer but even so the primer and color coats have a tendency not to adhere.
  12. Mike, I think you are spending too much time in the sun! Keep in mind that raisins resemble old(er) men in the sun too long!
  13. I have used a dilute solution of muriatic acid to clean gas tanks but know that if a tank has rusted too much there can be pin holes created by the cleaning process. Half fill the tank with water, pour in a quarter cup of acid, fill the tank to the top and leave it standing for about 6 hours. Completely rinse the tank. This may take two rinseings and then when dry put some gas in it and rotate the tank to see if there are any seeping pin holes. Usually you can cover them with solder from the outside.
  14. I was a driver when NASCAR appeared on the racing scene. They organized the tracks first by strong arming the track owners and if they didn't join broke arms and legs till they did. Then they started on the car owners and drivers with the same tactics. They just wanted the "tribute" from the sport. I still consider them the greedy mafia of sports.
  15. If you are going to run in salt water you need replaceable zincs in your cooling system otherwise your aluminum parts then the iron parts will begin to erode.
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