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  1. I have an 86 std cab long bed with a 5 speed tranny. The junker is a king cab short bed with an automatic tranny.
  2. I have a distributor from a 720 that has the dual plug wires and two coil inputs with vacuum advance.
  3. I don't know how many 720's sell per year but the build numbers are 372089 for the long bed and 308468 for the junker. That's 63,621 units earlier than the long bed. Would that make it an 81-82 assuming they sold ~ 20,000 per year?
  4. Charlie, I think this truck is about the same age as my long bed which is 85-86. I don't know what the run of years is for the 720 but based on the build number they have to be close.
  5. Well, I have looked and it must have been forgotten during the build cause there aren't any holes there either. Can you make a lightweight samurai sword from aluminium?
  6. I have a 720 std cab with a long bed. There is a screw jack but I think the jack handle must be missing and the handle must be the secret to spare tire removal. Does anyone have a picture of what the handle looks like? If I can see the damn thing I can make something to fit.
  7. Work is the curse of the drinking man!
  8. Well DatzenMike, I looked all over the firewall, inside the door panels, inside the dash, under and in the fenders and I can't find a plate like you show in the picture. When I have a chance I will look at the long bed and see if it has the plate affixed. Thanks for the info on what should be there and if the long bed has a lower ratio than 3.70 (like 4.11 can I swap rears? Will I have to change the speedometer cable as well?
  9. Did Nissan use two different ratios? One for the automatic trans and another for the 5 speed manual?
  10. I have been dismantling a 720 KC and I know it has a radio ( 2 in fact but the one that is loose looks ratty) in the dash. I don't know if it is original but it does fit in the dash opening. I have no idea if it works but I have no need for it. If someone has a picture of an original radio I would be willing to compare it with what is in this truck.
  11. The engine is out of the truck. The cover plate was indeed in two pieces but held together by some kind of tape that would not allow separation. A hammer and sharp chisel took care of the tape issue. So now I will clean the block and head up for the machine shop visit for rebuilding. Thank you all for the advice and support once again!! I will be pulling some parts from the junker that I need (interior) but does saving the rear and trans or front end parts make any sense before I return the hulk to the scrap yard?Steve
  12. I don't plan to keep the automatic from the KC. My standard truck has a five speed. I just want to pull this engine and rebuild it for the std. I am lucky the KC has other bits that I need such as an unbodged air conditioning system, seats and other interior parts. The KC cab has some rust damage as does the bed over the wheel arches. Unless there is a reason to keep the remainder of the KC it will go to the crusher. This weekend I will attempt to get at the torque converter bolts either by rotating the engine plate or cutting it in two with a plasma cutter.
  13. This truck has a solid plate behind the engine limiting access to anything back there. The only hole is where the starter resides. I will look again to see if I can access the four bolts you mention and get back to you. Thanks Steve
  14. Thanks Charlie69 for the info. I am trying to pull the engine on the KC with an auto. All lines have been removed, all unbolted and the engine refuses to move more than 1/2 " forward. Is there something else to be removed or should the torque converter slide out of or off the tranny shaft? I have the mess supported for now but if anyone has removed an engine from an automatic I could use some help!
  15. The std cab long bed is an 86 (BUILT 85) the kc is about the same year. All I have is a vin on it 1N6ND06S4FC372089.
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