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  1. None-zero I have a deal for you I have a 720 rad that just needs the side mount re-soldered the core is in good shape . YOU PAY SHIPPING ONLY. The radiator is free.
  2. I have a complete cluster out of an 86 KC but I am in VA.
  3. I have just ordered upper and lower ball joints from Rock Auto. They seem to have a wider selection of vendors than I can get locally. One of these days I will get a chance to put her on the lift and install them!
  4. Don't forget to ventilate the work space and make sure you have no spark or open flame when using the suggested liquids to cut the undercoating. Don't ask why I am concerned about this!
  5. I also have a TO20 and found that I can still get parts like the rad at tractor parts suppliers. Mine needed a rebuild when I got it. I took the crank to my machine shop and asked if they could mic it and turn it 30 under. Unfortunately he miked it and said one rod journal was already 140 thou under so find a crank. I did find a new one for $90 and now she is rebuilt and runs like new.
  6. I am not familiar with the 520 but have you checked to see if a 720 or 620 has the same post configuration?
  7. Check the brushes. It may be that the brushes are worn to the point of non-contact when rotated.
  8. I cut the wood into 8 pieces ( glued 4 for the front and 4 for the back) large enough to allow me to scribe circles representing the inside diameter of the steel wheel rim and the outside of the rim. That gave me the diameter of the circle cut by adding the width of the wood i wanted to surround the steel rim . I drilled the center to use as a pivot for cutting with the band saw and for sanding with a drum sander. I used a tethered router to cut the circular groove for the steel rim on both sides (half depth) . I glued the two pieces together over the rim (some fettling of the fit for th
  9. When I got my jaguar it had a very degraded plastic cover on the steering wheel. I recovered it with walnut.
  10. I am in SW virginia near Mt airy NC and have fenders and hood that will fit your truck. PM me and let me know if you are close by.
  11. I have used a 55 gallon plastic drum 1/2 filled with water and dish detergent and muriatic acid. If you let it sit for a day in this solution it will clean oil and grease as well as the rust and lime deposits. You have to flush the entire block and passages with clean water to remove the acid mix then I dip the whole thing in a 55 gallon drum of used oil and let sit for a day. It drips dry on the hoist upon removal and prevents the flash rust.
  12. Your last picture reminded me that our vintage super modified had a clutch deflector over the tunnel to prevent the flywheel, clutch disk or drive shaft from damaging our feet and ankles. That was in the days before rules. fastest, best driven, dirtiest trick driver wins! Wheel locks, rear taps with swerve and blocking into the wall or off the track if no wall were common. Our cars had extended hub caps that were "ventilated" so that if a tire contacted them they would shred that tire's sidewall. Very handy in a pinch.
  13. Mike, I have been following this thread and am confused are the original carbs in short supply or is it the rebuild kits?
  14. I told my wife I had to go out to get a live center. She wanted to know why I wanted a football player. I told her it was a part for the lathe. She said if I buy for myself why try to get me a present I can use? I told her buy books!
  15. That looks like my 48 chrysler!
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