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  1. Gee Mike, you must have very low humidity there in God's Country. I repair mowers in VA. We have high humidity nearly year round and I have experience with ethanol mix. Here the gas can go bad within 3 months if stored without a fuel stabilizer such as Stabil or Sea foam. I have been recommending all my customers use one or the other to prevent water accumulation and corrosion in the carb bowl and water in the tank. While it is not an empirical study the stuff works and my intelligent ( Deep end of the gene pool - non trump like) customers now rely on their machines starting without trouble throughout the year.
  2. When I lived in NJ a friend needed a place to put his sawmill. He used two long containers for sides spaced about 30 feet apart placed on railroad ties and two more on top of those to make a square. He framed between them at the top and put up a side "porch" with stairs to access the top ones. The property zoning did not allow permanent buildings so by doing it this way He had a covered mill and storage for his tooling and planked lumber. He never complained about moisture in the storage units but he did use the top ones for drying the lumber so he had put vents in those. If I needed an enclosed shop and one or more were available at a reasonable price I would use them.
  3. I have brazed joints on some of my cars and found that even with etching primer the paint tends to lift over time. I now use lead or body filler if the coat is thin. I have a new welder and an artist to do the fine work now so filling is not as much of a problem.
  4. The aheader I get the behinder I am. I have been going thru the trailer trash that was put in a corner of the shop and forgotten. I have found 210 drive shafts, a rear end and a bunch of carbs that I think came off the 240 Z. I am not progressing as much as I would like because I have been plagued by equipment breakdowns in the shop. Hopefully that is over and I can resume the fabrication of the motor and tranny mounts.
  5. I have a door from an 85 but you need to be able to pick it up. I'm in sw va.
  6. Tom, I tried to message you but got a message that you can't be messaged. So here is my address. Steve Ferring 687 Knocking Shop Lane Claudville, VA 24076 I will send pictures of the Riley to your email if you post it. Thanks Steve
  7. The A15 is already built and I have no idea what it was built with or any internal mods. I plan to use it as is. I have just finished scrapping a 720 king cab and have all the drive train. I am already planning on using the short drive shaft to match from the A15 to the Riley main shaft. I will measure the wheel width on the 720 and see how close it is to the Riley ( good idea!). If that will work that's half the problem. I do wonder if anyone on the forum has put 16" wheels on a 720. A friend here suggested that since the Riley was known to stop with the brakes it had I may not have to have more than a master cylinder. That would eliminate the booster and the space problem. Until I have the engine in place all is conjecture at this point! If you have the time give me a call after 5 eastern at 276 694 2499. Steve
  8. Tom1200 I will gladly pay shipping just let me know how much and I will send a check to cover. The original Riley 2.5 generated around 80 HP so the A15 is in the same range without mods and you are right about the weight savings. I have a 5 speed tranny behind it so I am covered there, although we raced with a 4 speed. The major change will be in the braking system. The Riley has drums but only hydraulic fronts, the rears are mechanical. I will have to modify the rears to hydraulics and put a proportioning valve in the system. I am debating whether to put in a power assisted master cylinder but have little room for a large vacuum unit under the floor boards. I need to do more research when the time comes for the mods to the brakes. What other bits do you have? Steve
  9. Hi Tom1200, My Riley is a 1951 RMB that originally came with the 2.5 liter engine. I am keeping the car as original as possible just swapping the horsepower to an engine I can get parts for on the road and that fits the engine compartment without modification of the firewall. The A15 engine is a perfect fit. The engine I am using came from a B210 SCCA ITC racer. It was built as his spare engine 10 years ago. He sold the car but forgot he had the spare and I got it for the cost of the trip to get it. If you have the mounts, let me know what you may want for them please. Having them would help fab the new mounts for the Riley.
  10. Yes, I am putting a 210 engine in my Riley sedan for touring. Years ago I was pit crew for a racing 210 and it had a replacement carb that I would like to get but don't remember what it was. If anyone has recommendations I would appreciate hearing from you. If anyone out there has motor mount brackets for the a15 I could use them as well. Steve
  11. I am in the process of rebuilding my engine. I have sent the head out to the machine shop for new valve guides and lapping in new valves. The block will be bored as needed. The cost for boring is about $100.00 a hole. The crankshaft grind is around $300.00 for grind and balance if yours is in decent shape. The head work will be the cost of the guides plus the labor. I am expecting to pay right around $900.00 when I get it back. The good machine shops around here have a 3 month lag time so patience is important. I have asked the machine shop to source the replacement parts he needs i.e. pistons, valves, valve springs etc because he has suppliers he trusts to deliver quality parts to re-builders. I am reluctant to buy these on the internet from sources I DON'T KNOW.
  12. I have an 86 std cab long bed with a 5 speed tranny. The junker is a king cab short bed with an automatic tranny.
  13. I have a distributor from a 720 that has the dual plug wires and two coil inputs with vacuum advance.
  14. I don't know how many 720's sell per year but the build numbers are 372089 for the long bed and 308468 for the junker. That's 63,621 units earlier than the long bed. Would that make it an 81-82 assuming they sold ~ 20,000 per year?
  15. Charlie, I think this truck is about the same age as my long bed which is 85-86. I don't know what the run of years is for the 720 but based on the build number they have to be close.
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