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  1. jagman

    Maybe not quite right?

    Wayno are you saying that there is clearance to get the seals in place without removing the cam shaft?
  2. jagman

    Maybe not quite right?

    Mike mentioned a way to replace the valve seals without removing the head. I would like to attempt this. I have new valve seals an air hold chuck and overhead valve spring compressor. Do I have to remove the cam shaft to do this? The last time I did this I lost the timing chain (bitch) so if I have to remove it I am going to wire the chain to something solid cause the wedge slipped. And Mike thanks for the VIN info the junker is about 8000 units newer than the one I have and has all the parts that are either missing or broken on my "driver"
  3. jagman

    Can a Nissan 720 std long bed frame fit a king cab?

    The VIN number is 1N66ND06S4FC372089 on this truck. I assume the last 2 digits are the year but would like confirmation of that. I do know that the engine in this junker is the same as the 86 that I have been working on so that's a good sign.
  4. jagman

    Maybe not quite right?

    Thanks Wayno, I have ordered the part. I should have it around the 23rd.
  5. jagman

    Maybe not quite right?

    Mike, I have been to my erstwhile auto parts guys and they don't have a sender for me that looks like the one I have and you show. Who has this item and what is the part number if you have it. This truck is not a 4x4 just a 2x2 . Bonker Beggar here again. Steve
  6. jagman

    Can a Nissan 720 std long bed frame fit a king cab?

    The truck should be here on Monday weather permitting. I will know the year etc then. Visual inspection from afar gave me the king cab, 6 foot bed and automatic. The lines of the truck tell me it should be in the 84 - 86 range.
  7. jagman

    Can a Nissan 720 std long bed frame fit a king cab?

    Second question. How reliable is the automatic tranny in the 720? Should I save it or junk it?
  8. I ran across a king cab junker with an automatic trans and was wondering if the king cab would fit on the frame of the std long bed. I will use some of the body parts if not. I have an idea that one of you has done this or tried it and can offer some advice.
  9. jagman

    Maybe not quite right?

    Thanks again Mike. Steve
  10. jagman

    Maybe not quite right?

    Where does the sensor reside on the engine?
  11. jagman

    Maybe not quite right?

    My 720 is all together and is starting and running well. I have put about 100 miles on it since I replaced the head gasket, clutch assy and rear seal. There are no oil leaks and the smoking problem has decreased and only occurs when I decelerate on long downhills. It is still burning oil Just at a much lesser rate. There is an oil indicator on the console and a red light on the dash. The console indicator will give a reading when I first startup then recedes to zero pressure but the red light on the dash never comes on. What is the problem? and how do I fix it? Thanks Steve
  12. Tis the night before christmas and my trucks all alone loaded with gifts for the dump all parts are replaced with NOS no clones expertise supplied to this chump got the job done! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YA'LL Steve
  13. jagman

    who do you all insure threw?

    I have my runners insured through State Farm and my antiques on an antique policy. State Farm insures my 70 International dump truck and my 86 720 without problems but I have the property insured with them too.
  14. jagman

    720 5 spd trans front seal replacement

    Mike, That trick did the job with no damage. Thanks for the tip. The drive train is now back in place with new seals and a new clutch slave cylinder and boots. Final tightening and exhaust work tomorrow. Thanks a bunch!! Steve
  15. Is there an easy way to remove the front seal cover on the tranny ? I have removed the bolts and have gently tapped the pivot arm to attempt to loosen the cover plate to no avail. Is there a trick to this? Something I am doing wrong? Love to hear from an expert.

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