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  1. I have used a 55 gallon plastic drum 1/2 filled with water and dish detergent and muriatic acid. If you let it sit for a day in this solution it will clean oil and grease as well as the rust and lime deposits. You have to flush the entire block and passages with clean water to remove the acid mix then I dip the whole thing in a 55 gallon drum of used oil and let sit for a day. It drips dry on the hoist upon removal and prevents the flash rust.
  2. Your last picture reminded me that our vintage super modified had a clutch deflector over the tunnel to prevent the flywheel, clutch disk or drive shaft from damaging our feet and ankles. That was in the days before rules. fastest, best driven, dirtiest trick driver wins! Wheel locks, rear taps with swerve and blocking into the wall or off the track if no wall were common. Our cars had extended hub caps that were "ventilated" so that if a tire contacted them they would shred that tire's sidewall. Very handy in a pinch.
  3. Mike, I have been following this thread and am confused are the original carbs in short supply or is it the rebuild kits?
  4. I told my wife I had to go out to get a live center. She wanted to know why I wanted a football player. I told her it was a part for the lathe. She said if I buy for myself why try to get me a present I can use? I told her buy books!
  5. That looks like my 48 chrysler!
  6. I had to rebuild my La Salle frame and found that the x frame cars had a tendency to separate at the outer frame rails. I gusseted mine in all four areas for strength. You may want to look at doing the same with this frame.
  7. In our neighborhood when I was small everyone would spend an evening at each others house to sample the punch and eat the sweets provided and the adults would allow us kids to eat the decorations on the tree. Spiced dried apple slices, dried peach halves, popcorn strung on thread for garlands and peanuts in the shell. They gave us the punch without the rum until we were at least 12 years old and then only one. Most years we had snow and could make snow angels and forts for the snowball fights.
  8. My son baked last year and this year he began getting notes slipped under the shop door in November with their cookie wish list on them. "Just a suggestion mind you" but it makes he and I laugh to know that the locals have accepted us as their own. If we don't get them delivered soon I will gain 20 pounds tho.
  9. Sorry about the cookies! Today he is making butterflies again for several of the neighbors gardens. One of the folks discovered that the deer don't like the movement when they are mounted on spring steel. He makes them out of old dryer and washer cases and paints them in vivid colors. Soon we will have to go to the steel supplier for more re-rod and angle iron. I have to make a battery tie down for the truck and don't have any narrow flat stock. Happy Holidays to all of you!!!
  10. The junkyard will weigh it this week and get back to me with a price. If I get it I will have two junkers.
  11. Today my son is baking his holiday cookies. I was warned that these are for the neighbors and not to touch but I can't help myself (selfish bastard) but I helped myself to a few here and there. Who knew he had them counted! Delicious. What's up at your place?
  12. I ran across a 720 KC in a junkyard today and was wondering if it would be worth picking up. It has the engine bay (Z24 and 5 speed tranny) drive train complete but lacks side windows and a rear window. There is no title with this truck. Any idea of the salvage value?
  13. Now that you mention it YES!
  14. The roll cage in most of the cars of the day were similar - ours was a bit more substantial and had heavier pipe laterally and front to back. I was driving when NASCAR was beginning to organize the tracks and the drivers. They were thugs then. If you didn't want to join they broke one or both legs. In my last race, the owner was driving an exact duplicate of the car I had and had an exterior oil line break sending hot oil into his face. He had just tilted his googles up to see the third turn when that happened and he put the car through the 6x6 fence and into the parking lot. I was behind him in fourth place and finished the race in third for a purse. He was taken to the hospital but had no broken bones but lost 60 percent of his sight. His wifee decided that the race cars needed to go and sold the stable the following month. I was 15 and could not get my parents waiver to continue to drive but did join a pit crew for another year.
  15. I can remember racing against a similar built car in Iowa on the 1/2 and 3/4 mile tracks. I drove a " super modified" 39 chevy coupe. On our cars we put a 1/4" plate over the clutch housing to prevent the clutch from coming thru the floor board. The owner of the stable I raced for was noted for his engine builds and never allowed the driver (me) to learn much about the full drive train. Our wind screens were 1/4" hardware cloth to keep the big chunks from hitting us in the face and to keep our google somewhat clean. Depending on the track the pit crew would change the wheels and tires. Most races no corner was the same size or height. You have a great piece of history in your shop..
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