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Canada spec 610’s. Any different than USA spec?


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Going to go look at a ratty 610 in a field tomorrow and I was just wondering if the Canada spec 610’s had any differences or cool shite compared to the American cars.

don’t even get me started on the cow paint job...


that’s a story for another day 



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I can tell from the picture that it's a '74 or newer. I'm going to say a '74 or '75 as the '76 bumper was more square and less rounded than the '74. The first year '73 had a unique grill and bumpers. I like the earlier grill.


Basically there are two criteria almost exclusively emissions related. California and Federal. Canada tended to use the Federal emissions equipment.


There are optional starters (possibly gear reduction or just larger) and 60 amp rather than 50 amp alternators. Canadian 610 may get the optional ones for better cold weather running. This may also be true for the rear window defroster. There was an optional heater for cold regions, again may come as standard equipment on Canadian 610s, maybe. There were some differences in the seat belts by country and depends on the laws.



The successor to the 510 and produced immediately as the 510 ended production, sometime in the '73 model year and used the new L18 engine. The earliest year of this engine's use. For '74 and up the new L20B was used. This is also the earliest use of the L20B and probably with the A87 head. The L20B from '75 on used the U67 head. The 610 is also unique for it's transmission. It's identical to the 510's 26" 4 speed but is the same length 31.5" as the 280z and 620 4 and 5 speeds. Both the 610 and 710 were produced during the change from real one piece chrome bumpers ('73) to those gawd awful 5MPH impact park benches for '74 and finally reaching the epitome of ugliness for '76?


It's easier for me to search a particular part to see if Canadian spec that to try looking through the tens of thousands of parts making up the car. There may also be things on the hard top or wagon that are, or are not specific to Canada.

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I think consumable items like clutch and pressure plates, brake shoes and pads, wheel cylinders, light bulbs, fan belts, ball joints, U joints and shocks are still around as are alternators, master/slave cylinders and such but unfortunately they are all mostly made in China and are crap quality. Try to find made in Japan parts if possible. Anything else like body, glass and interior find another car for parts, wrecking yard, on line or maybe here... https://ratsun.net/classifieds/category/9-datsun-parts/  ...

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I agree with datzenmike............consumable items are relatively easy, often shared with other models etc, but trim parts are gonna be tough.  


FYI if you go forward & want to lower, pretty sure the front suspension is basically same as 68-73 510.............you should be able to use the upper camber plates, RCA's, maybe poly bushings etc etc.  I do NOT know if the spindle angle is same as 68-73 510 to use 280ZX strut assemblies, but I think they are........?? 


Is rear suspension IRS or solid axle?  Solid axle is EASY....lowering blocks.  Hainz posted somewhere to use Belltech #6202 lowering block kit.

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All Datsun 280z/280zx/510/610/710/810/B-210/210/S10 S110/S12 and A10 are 100


The early 610 and 510 fronts are almost exactly the same. The 510 uses a slightly smaller diameter spindle and a smaller inner bearing.  40210-21000


610 and 510 are IRS but the 610 is slightly different. I think the IRS cross member is ever so slightly wider.  Not proof but the 510 has a wheel tread of 50" while the 610 is 51.97". Both the 510 and the 610 uses the exact same rear driveshafts so maybe the control arms are wider?

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On 11/13/2020 at 11:22 AM, ArchetypeDatsun said:

I was also told you can use Infiniti G20 window glass trim and they seal very well.  Trim for the car is pretty tough but not impossible and by that I mean it can cost more.  Australia has parts but dealing with some of them can be a pain.

Door seals for the sedans/wagons, yes. Wrap the seal around the top and down both sides. Leave the cut end at the bottom, and put a drinking straw in the center and use an old soldering iron to seal the two ends together. You will need to use the trim clips that come with the Infiniti and poke a few new holes (use an ice pick or scratch awl) to line up with the holes in 610 doors.  

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