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turn signal not working

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Two things can be bad.


Burnt out bulb (most likely)

The flasher units are load dependent, in that they need all turn signal bulbs working. If one is burned out the flasher may not flash. Try your 4 way emergency flasher and look  for the bulb that's not working. If that doesn't work you'll have to take the lenses off and examine each turn signal bulb. It may be loose, corroded or just plain burned out.


Burned out flasher unit.

Find the flasher units (there are 2, turn and 4 way) by the steering column under the dash. Swap them. If the turn signals start working the flasher was bad. The good one will make a clicking sound and when held in hand you can feel it. 





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I ALWAYS replace both turn signal & hazard flasher units with heavy duty electronic flasher units........I use Novita #EL12 units, available at AutoZone etc.  The turn signal & hazard wiring runs THRU the turn signal switch on the steering column.  We find that the electrical contacts can easily be dirty etc with old congealed grease OR worn out/damaged, which could cause electrical issues like this.  We soak the electrical part of the turn signal switch in white vinegar for a day or two, then clean well, then check that the contacts are clean, not corroded or worn/damaged.  If good, use some dielectric grease on the contacts, lube up the moving parts & re-install!  Other issues are bad grounds etc.  Hope that helps!

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