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Window regulator replacement for 510, window up or down?

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I swear there used to be a sticky with this information.  Uninstalling and installing seems relatively straight forward. Unscrew/clip all of the things, slide it out of the bottom part of door.  Can anyone confirm if I tape the window in place in the "up" position or is it easier to roll it down? I'm asking because the roller gears are definitely stripped, and if I roll it down it may now be going back up again. 

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You should also at least check or replace the C felt channel that the glass moves up & down in!  When that felt channel gets old, it breaks up into chunks & jambs the glass from sliding smoothly, so that is one reason why the regulators wear out/break.  Replacing the C felt channel is straight forward, but labor intensive per door, cuz gotta take glass out etc etc..............

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