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Fuel tank sending unit for 72 Wagon


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I've found what appears to be an extremely similar product shown here. 


But the description specifies not for wagons.  And I would rather not take the chance ordering one all the way from Thailand. Does anyone have one of these for sale or know where I can find one? 

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Sedans mount on the side of the tank, goons on the top. I'm sure it will fit, but you may have to position the sender so the arm will swing up and down and not be stuck sideways. Probably bend the arm too?

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I have a Wagon unit, but it is oxidized badly from parts car sitting for 20++ years!  I assume a good electrical guy can clean & maybe even re-wind the rhestat style electrical windings if needed.......??  PM if interested.


I will also lay out a Sedan unit next to it to compare.  The circular rigid part will fit either way, cuz all of this era Datsun's use the same oring seal & lock ring.  As datzenmike says, the main difference



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Wonder where zcardepot is getting these......thought they were long NLA NLS.........??  More & more 510 parts coming back into production in aftermarket, with the values climbing......good thing!

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Biggest problem is gonna be that the Wagon float rod is MUCH longer than the Sedan, is bent differently (easy to deal with) & has a bend down near the unit head that is pretty close to a 90deg bend.


Wagon float rod is overall about 12-1/4 inches long (long NLS NLA from Nissan)

Sedan float rod is overall about 8 inches long (above link shows available from zcardepot, but long NLS NLA from Nissan)

240Z float rod is overall about 10-1/2 inches long (still available from Nissan)


A really good tig welder could lengthen the rod, but it is a very thin rod.  I see no reason why you couldn't tig a "sleeve" in place to lengthen, but again, the complication of mod'ing a Sedan unit into a Wagon unit, is that the Wagon has a 90deg bend all the way down the rod, right near the pivot point............not impossible, but a complication!


The float rod is "peened" (flattened out) at the unit head, right at the pivot point, so removal & replacement would be a challenge.  To remove, you would need to carefully grind away the "peen".  I don't have a good idea on re-peening to install, especially cuz there is not much room to get a tool on that end to squeeze on a peened end again!  Hope that makes sense!


The floats are the same.


All three unit heads  listed above are ultimately the same, but the rods are very different (other than the Wagon added ground terminal).................the WAGON unit head has two terminals........one power, one ground, thus I assume that the Wagon has two wires at the sending unit.  The Sedan has one power terminal, must ground thru the tank.


A good electrical guy COULD potentially re-do the wire windings on a worn out original unit, but my tech seems to think the winding wire would be difficult to replicate, cuz it is ultra thin gauge.  I have 3 or 4 USED Sedan units where the windings are worn & broken, so I'm confident that that is the most common issue with an old original unit.


I have a couple pics, but sorry, I don't host & post pics, so a real pain for me to do it.  I can TEXT pics to somebody that can host & post here..............PM me!





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Thanks rosso!  So again, the units are pretty much the same, except the Wagon & 240Z have a simple terminal spot welded to the unit, the Sedan does not.......the pic datzenmike posted above ^^^^^ shows only one terminal.  The big difference is in the float rod.  I don't see why a Sedan or 240Z assembly couldn't be modified, but if it's jerry rigged, it will eventually fail on you.........need to "extend" the float rod properly & bend to suit!

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............if you have a worn out/damaged Wagon assembly, then figure out a way to swap the rod & float!  Again, the end is peened to hold in place, so that would be the complication!

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