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Hey fellas cheers for the add,

recently decided i was gonna fix up my old 80s Cobra offroad buggy with a Datsun L16 4 cyl motor (says Nissan OHC on top of valve cover), problem is last time we took it out it overheated and found coolant in the oil (or the other way around i cant remember) and i reckon theres a blown head gasket. 

so i need help, ive been looking for instructions on how to unbolt the head but cant find any for this specific engine. ive also heard if you unbolt it in the wrong order it will warp the head.

could you fellas help me out cos i really want to get this beast running again.


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I snap them all loose in any order then unscrew and remove them. But if there's concern start in the middle and work outwards. Simple enough although I don't think it matters. Tightening is a different matter.


Did you secure the chain tensioner first???

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How about pull the water pump just in case the front cover Cavitaded.Like in the video I sent you. when you buy the Durapro headgaskets it has the order to reinstall. That’s if the headgaskets is even bad.

how about looking at the spark plugs first?To rellif it’s sucking up water. Removing only the head bolts not the cam tower bolts!!

you have a timing chain wedge???

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