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I'm tired of looking at my floorpan, does anybody have particularly good or bad experiences with a 1200 carpet?  I'd like something that looks original but ideally might have just a bit more mass since the factory carpets for these cars were pretty thin I think?

I do notice the one from stockinteriors is listed as being three pieces in front and one in back, where I think the others are one piece in front and one in back.  Not sure which is correct for a US-market 1973 coupe.


Some options I've found:




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I went with stockinteriors because it was three pieces up front and I've made a custom transmission tunnel to give some foot-space as part of my automatic to manual swap.

It's fine but short of amazing.  My car has fixing studs to attach carpet or whatever to and the carpet isn't set up for that.  It was a drop-in fit and made the interior so much nicer I had to have the seats done. 🙂

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On Missus Kelmo's  coupe we ended up making our own. Luckily for me, she is pretty handy with a sewing machine. I think the whole thing was less than $100.00. I thought I had some pics on Imgur of it....but fail.

Would be interested in some pics of what yours ended up looking like.

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