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What is my truck worth?

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Hi everyone. I have a '73 620 Pickup that I just do not have time for. I cannot get it start at the moment, but I don't think it would take much to get back in business. Definitely needs at least new spark plugs and a distributor cap. It was my daily driver for about a year until the drum brakes started having issues. The body is in really decent shape for it's age. Everything that was done to it was done by a previous owner. The seat has been reupholstered, custom gauges have been added as well as a CD player and speakers. There are new tires and wheels and I have the original wheels as well with tires and hubcaps. It does not have a muffler. Has a Weber carb. New battery. I'm not much of a mechanic so I can't give much else detail. I

I'll add some pictures to this thread later. I just really need to sell it. Someone has offered me $500 for it and I just feel like maybe I could get more out of it. I paid $1800 for it ( I shouldn't have) but it was running back then. What kind of asking price do you all think is reasonable?

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Get it running and put a muffler on it. If it's running a possible buyer can check the following....




Suspension and shocks

Steering. Does it steer straight? Play in wheel?

Does it over heat?

Does the clutch slip?

Does the transmission make noise?

Are all the gears there?

Does the drive train vibrate?

Does the differential make noise?

Are the front and rear wheel bearings OK?

Does it start and restart when hot?

Any oil leaks?

Rad leaks?


There's nothing like a test drive to seal the deal. You can easily get 3X what was offered. A non runner is harder to sell.

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One thing that really helps to sell a vehicle is cleaning it. Give everything a good pressure wash and get all the grime off the chassis. Squirt all of the moving body parts with WD40, things like door hinges, window regulators, door latches, mirror pivots, tailgate hinges, etc. Do not hit things with a rattle can though. Nothing tells me to steer clear more than a new coat of cheap paint.


And yes, get it running. Non-running vehicles are worthless. Spend a day on it to maximize the sales price.


Pics would help. Is it original paint? Does it look like it was run over by a tank?

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Don't sell it for 500 bucks.When it's running it'll be here for sale for 5X that.

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