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2003 Subaru SG5 "Lowerster"

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My problem is that I tend to tinker / tune any car I get so what started off as a stock 2003 Forester has slowly evolved into this.


This is how my daily currently looks - Non-turbo / Automatic / GroceryGetter. My Lowerster. 




Changed from when I purchased her:

* New Engine
* New Transmission

* New Headlights

* Factory Tweeter pods in mirrors

* Factory Double Armrest

* Factory Subwoofer

* LED Headlights

* Yellow LED Foglight Bulbs

* LED Tailight Bulbs

* New Head-unit w/ Bluetooth & Wireless Charging + Hands-free calling

* 2005 WRX STI Struts

* Tein Lowering Springs

* 2004 Silver WRX STI 5x100 17" BBS Rims

* Front Forester Emblem Overlay
* 2005 Outback Steering Wheel

* Tinted Windows 

* Removed AWD badges on side pillars


Final things to do:

* Install remote start

* 2005 WRX Clockspring to make the horn and airbag work with the swapped steering wheel. 

* Replace passanger Side Fender

* Locate New Drivers seat / Repair Drivers Seat

* Install 2nd Rear Dome light into cargo area.



Now that were all caught up - here is the update for today:


I sccored a 2003 Non-LED Wing + Hatch. Took more than a year and a half of searching to find a good one. I was beginning to consider picking up one from eBay - but many of them will need to be sanded / resprayed and came with an LED & I would have to bother with drilling into my stock hatch rather than just swapping them. Neither of which I wanted.





got it home yesterday and shoved it in 'the shop'




I got busy today with some debadging




and found there are 2 little holes under the "FORESTER" badge on the trunk. Why Subaru!? (simple to help with alignment but, damn it)



Fortunately that's the only spot that will have to be patched / color matched, but the entire thing is going to see a good clean and the other side of a buffing wheel before it goes on the car. 





Got most of the junk off of it and posed for a reflection selfie to snag the picture. I'm going to do some cleanup and hit it with some goo-gone to get rid of the leftovers. I'll do that outside because I don't want it absorbing into the untreated floors of 'the garage' so I will wait for the rain to end.

Anyone know an easy way to removed old crispy / brittle bumper stickers? I'm thinking the first step is heatgun/ blowdryer treatment. 

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As I stated before, I swapped out my stock steering wheel to a leather WRX steering wheel. Problem is that the clock-spring connector on the wheel is different than that of the connector on the stock Forester harness. So this week I picked up a 2004 Legacy steering wheel and clock-spring which should get rid of the SRS light in the dash and airbacg in the WRX wheel currently in the car. 




I finished debadging the trunk that I got and gave it a good wipe down. 






Next step is taking out the heat gun to tackle the old brittle sticker currently still on it, and plugging the holes from where the stick "Forester" badge is on the trunk. 



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I have the same problem. I can't leave any of my cars alone. Here is my SG6.



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Bro came over and we banged this shit out in like an hour and a half and I can't be happier with how this shit looks!


Got some extra helper time too! On the new hatch he got busy with disconnecting all the electronics


And then helped me yank off the one that came on the car off


Found out that the original had it's glass busted out of it's rear window at some point and was missing like a good 1/3 of the clips on it, so I snagged the missing pieces, and traded up with the best plastics.  



The got her all aligned and pieced together.


Shot of the stickers covering the stock holes for the badge. 


New profile


Even better is Bro managed to get that fucking WAG MORE sticker pulled off! I didn't get more pictures as I had to leave and go help a second friend move his girlfriend into her new place, but the outside is getting close! Everything needs to be hit with a buffing wheel and a clay bar to get all this sticker shit that's left on it off.  Going to take it to get the rear hatch tinted to match because it feels like I'm driving a tube down the street right now with the front and new rear window not tinted lol

Edit for more pictures





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Got the rear Window tinted to match the rest, and managed to get 95% of the gunk off from the sticker and badges. Looking clean now!


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