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The way I understand it, the original hood prop is a small rod that takes two right angles in opposite directions on the end with a spring. I have the spring, but no rod, I am getting tired of working around a 2 by 4 holding up my hood! Does anyone have a spare one that they could give me the measurement for so I can create one? Or if you have a spare can I purchase it?

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Same as a 520 and 521 prop as well. 

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I don't have an exact measurement but this may help...


Most likely you still have you hood latch, so if you take a measurement of it and compare it to the pic below it will give you the scale of 3 of the Nissan emblems.




Use that scale to find an approximate length of the prop rod in the pic below and bend one up.







Sorry the pics are so small, they are the only ones I could find that had some sort of reference for measurement.




Thought I'd add a decent pic of the whole assembly for clarity.



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Ha, 2x4...

I use a broom stick.

Have had the same broom stick for like 12 years.


Also have a custom titanium hood prop (620), and all new hardware.

Just waiting until engine change to put the new hood on, and have a real hold open device......

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I was putting on a fan belt the other day and thought to myself how much better it would be to not have to situate my arms around a board  :thumbup:

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