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  1. So although I seemed to have got on top of my cooling issues last summer, I want a little more margin for error and reliability when it comes to cooling on those hotter days. Super excited that along with a new Koyorad I am getting a transmission cooler for my auto trans. I purchased both, now need a hose, wanted to dress it up with stainless hoses under the hood, but getting conflicting reports on what type of hose is needed for the transmission cooler lines. Will these work? https://www.ebay.com/itm/20Ft-6M-6AN-Stainless-Steel-Braided-Fuel-Oil-Line-Hose-Coolant-Air-AN6-20-Feet/122940205847?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Thanks in advance! Always new things to learn and make mistakes on ?
  2. I would be interested in his dashes, but that site doesn't work.
  3. Very interested in this. Mine is in good shape yet, but has a tear WAY in the corner. Gives my OCD a little eye twitch when I look at it.
  4. As an update, checked over everything. Turns out the relay is not working properly, going to order another one and see what happens
  5. That is really helpful actually, both of you. When I got the vehicle the parking lights were not even wired. I may have wired one of the parking lights wrong (there were extra wires in the mix), so I will check both of those.
  6. I wasn’t too worried about my headlights because they work. However, I got pulled over the other day because my high beams were always on. I cannot get them off, everything looked ok on the column switch. I cleaned up the contacts on the column. I did get a new headlight relay because the old one burnt up, it’s a 72, the replacement relay is one of those with the separate plastic connector. The dash does indicate that the brights are on. I unplug the outside lights and inside ones still work, all my indicator lights work as do my blinkers. What am I missing, or what should I check?
  7. From what I gather the mounting hardware is different? Maybe I should just try, I can always send it back.
  8. My drivers seat is so ratty that when I get out of the car I have little pieces of foam stuck to my clothes. My other seats are torn up as well, but at least there is vinyl on them. I have some points to use up on amazon and stumbled across some 240z seat covers that look like they would fit on my seat. Does anyone know if the seat cushions are similar enough size to hog ring those covers on?
  9. Was going to replace it last night but since it is apparently monsoon season, I needed to vacuum water out of my basement instead. I will look down the oil inlet hole before I start.
  10. That's me! I thought I was the only one in Iowa, it turns out I think there is someone with a 510 in Des Moines
  11. I got a M152 Melling pump, and thank you for the response, I was hoping that was the case!
  12. Going to put in a new oil pump because the gasket on the old one leaks and thought as long as I'm in there I'll put a new pump in. So I looked at the process to put in the pump with the manual that I downloaded and they seem to make this process seem like a huge undertaking. How hard is it to do this? Can I just line it up with TDC, take off distributor, and swap it out or do I need to do something more?
  13. I was putting on a fan belt the other day and thought to myself how much better it would be to not have to situate my arms around a board :thumbup:
  14. That's really smart, I will try that. Thank you!
  15. 72 Datsun 510, sorry can’t find the edit on mobile...
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