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    I backed into something and it just buckled the trunk lid. The lid separated from the supports and I tried to bend it back with limited success. Looking for a replacement now. Thanks!


  2. are you talking on the relay side or the pinout for the connector on the other side?
  3. Thanks all for your guidance, it sounds doable, the weather is supposed to turn south again this weekend I will have time to tackle it
  4. I have fixed so many leaks (trans, coolant, valve cover) on this thing I am down to the last one. Everything that I have seen has said that you need to put the car in 4th gear (on a manual car) and you might be able to get the stubborn crank bolt off to replace the seal behind the pulley. I have a Jatco automatic, do I have to pull the motor to get this thing off? Edit: Should mention it's a 1972 4 door Datsun 510 with stock 1.6L
  5. I didn't get to the store in time to get the blades that would allow me to use the old connector, I will try to do that this week. Moved on to polishing bumpers after this.
  6. Ok, so it works now! I followed the instructions and compared it to the “advertised” plug with my waterproof relay. When I get back inside I will show ugly “oh my god, look at this wiring pictures”
  7. I have a water proof one with the wires connected and will try my hand at it this afternoon or evening. I have the plastic end from the old relay I will clip in to make it look semi professional
  8. Thank you very much! I think I have one of those relays laying around in the garage somewhere
  9. Mine is a 72, so the wiring should look the same as the guide above, I am all ears and have lots of time, we got hit with snow and wind today, so it will be a while in the garage.
  10. The way I understand it (which could easily be wrong) the insides are basically the same, but the wires don't matchup on the pinout. So if someone had an extra one lying around (I threw my 89915 away a long time ago), and opened it up, I could match it up.
  11. Below is the picture of my 25230-89905 relay, than two more for good measure after I pulled the plastic casing.
  12. It has been challenging to find any relays for headlights in Datsun 510's. I purchased a 25230-89905 relay and I have a 1972, I threw away my 25230-89905 because I am not smart 🙂. So I am looking for some guidance: 25230-89915 is for later 510's and 25230-89905 for early 510's is what I am seeing when I search the internet. In Dime quarterly Volume 7 Issue 3 it speaks about changing the location of the wires in the 25230-89905 in the plug to make them work properly on later 510's. Can anyone tell me what wires need to be changed?
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