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83 720 torsion arm adjusting bracket bent bad


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Hey guys, 


One of the 2 720 pickups I bought was lowered as far as it can be lowered via blocks and a torsion arm adjustment. I wanted to raise it some to make it a little more ideal to work on. I got under the truck and found the passenger side bracket where the adjuster bolt was bent beyond all repair. Is this a part that can be gotten individually and maybe new? Or is a used torsion bar my best bet?

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I've never seen anything made out of steel, that with a little work, a torch, and a few other tools couldn't be straitened.

But if you don't have any of those things, just bop over to your nearest Nissan dealer, and see if, and how much,

or get down to every junk yard in driving distance, and find a used one.

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So havent had much time to work on it but i was out last night looking. Ive got the splines moving out of the front but its only moved about an inch or so. Not wanting to budge anymore. The 2 nuts where the bar splines in up front are loose to help release any tension. Am i missang a circlip or something? I dont see anything else holding it from moving but i may be overlooking a snapring or something. Idk of thats only in 4wds or not. Mine is 2wd

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Finally got it out. Thank you guys for the help. We will see if heat and such will make this think right again.

Just bend the pieces back one at a time, that is what I did to the wrecked 1985 720 I bought from Justin, I just bent them back as close as I could and called it good, it appeared to function properly, I didn't even remove them.

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