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Distributor Disorders '85 z24

DIY 1985

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Previous mechanic. The plugs are connected to the cap 90deg advanced-#4I is connected to #2I, with a firing order of 1-3-4-2. The base of the distributor is bolted down all the way retarded and it is still about fifteen degrees advanced from specs. Vacuum and centrifuge advance works, but I left disconnected the vac advance to the newly installed Weber 32/36. The truck runs okay, 16 to 20mpg on the Hitachi. How do I adjust it to three degree advanced?


The distributor cap upper screw is between the #3exhaust and #4 intake, is that correct? How many positions can the distributor gear or shaft fit into? Is there a trick to be absolutely sure that the oil pump is really being being driven upon distributor reinstallation without an oil pressure guage? What is the wrench or socket to use for hand turning the crankshaft? Is the timing mark on the pulley really just that tiny dimple or is there also a scribed line on the pulley face?

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Well someone with more knowledge than me will hopefully answer more....

First it sounds like the oil pump distributor shaft was installed wrong....

And if it's like the l motor it only goes in one way.... and it is driven off the crank so you don't even need the distributor in to be pumping oil....

What matters is the rotor under the cap is pointing to number 1, when the motor cylinder 1 is at top dead compression stoke.... so basically it can point any direction and that becomes #1, but you can run out of adjustment which is what sounds like what happened....

I would reset the oil pump shaft and timing correctly....

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Find TDC, compression stroke on #1 cylinder. There should be a small V on the rear of the large pulley that is close to the timing scale bolted to the timing cover near the alternator. Set the V to the O (zero) mark. There are two TDC positions so be sure you are on the compression side.


Remove the two bolts securing the distributor base to the top of the timing cover and lift away. This will not affect your timing setting.


Look down inside at top of the drive spindle. Note that there is a large and small half moon. You should see this...




If not, the oil pump must be unbolted and dropped out with the drive spindle. The spindle turned and both put back in until you do have this alignment. Now, when the distributor is put back, (it only can fit in one position dictated by the drive spindle) the rotor for the intake plugs should be pointing to the rad or about 9 o'clock. At the same time the second rotor for the exhaust plugs should be pointing about 4 o'clock. You can now loosen the set screw on the timing plate under the distributor and adjust the timing properly within it's range.

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