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'66 Red Roadster


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Hello all,


I've been getting to know a little red roadster pretty well the last few months. 

I purchased the car outside Sacramento and trailered it home.


The plan is to get it running well mechanically, then drive the snot out of it. 
My current issues are the front suspension and electricals. 


The banged up  right front fender leads me to believe there is some damage to the suspension components. 

The wheel looks cambered in and toed out, car pulls to the left.

Some direction here is appreciated. 


Coming home:



Cleaned up a bit:









Suspension in question:



It seems to me like the upper ball joint is at a strange angle.

Also, turning the steering to its far left gets tough, and lifts the a-arms. 



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Starter?  Yes, from a non roadster engine.  Fits into the roadster but not the R1600 family as installed in the RL411 and WRL411.  The R series engines in the 411 family need a solenoid rotated about 30 degrees toward the engine block to clear steering wheel shaft and front pitman rod ends.  I would guess that what you have is a 510 starter and that it works.  Don't mess with success, enjoy!  I went through the Datsun starter family 39 years ago when I had to replace my RL411 starter.  Finally got the Datsun parts manager to go through the foreign parts division.  They sent me a listing of all RL411 starter parts in stock [no original or rebuilt starters in the world] and asked which parts I needed to rebuild my existing starter!  I replied and am still using the original 50 year old starter! 

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Good info on the starter, thanks Mike.


To share another hobby of mine, I've been playing around with 3D printing functional parts. 

This shift nob I printed, painted, epoxied, and polished. 




Also playing around with some velocity stacks. The material I printed this in would not actually hold up.

I'm looking into some materials that could actually work now.





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