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Datsun 620 2 Pin Dimmer Switch Bypass

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Just curious if anyone has done this, but I fried my dimmer on accident (oops, nice one dumbass) and am looking to bypass it until I get another one. I know you jump the wires on a 3-pin, but what about a 2-pin? Im assuming one is ground and one is power, where should I jumper the power to?



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The at rest position(headlights OFF)  for the headlight relay is HI beams.

The HI/LOW selector is just a connection to ground that makes or breaks contact.

When you turn the headlights to ON the and the lever is set to LOW beams the relay is grounded, energizing the coil and tripping the relay to LOW beams.

When you set the lever to HI beams the ground is removed the relay reverts to it's 'at rest' position which is HI beams.

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I wired my headlights in my 510 to a Chevy floor mounted dimmer switch when i discovered that my column switch didn't work. I didn't even remove the wiring to the column switch i just tapped in to it. So if i ever bother replacing the column switch, i can have it function like normal if i want.

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Do what you have to do to see the colors on the headlight wires where they plug into the headlight.  That will tell you what colors some of the wires are on the headlight relay.

Find the headlight relay.  You might be able to swap the position of the two wires coming from the headlight, on the relay.  This will change the headlights always being on high beam, to always on low beam, or the other way around.

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You can also buy the pigtail cheaply enough.


Just go to your favorite auto parts store and ask for the dimmer switch from a 1975 Chevy blazer. Then ask for the connector as well. You only need to use two of the pins. There are details of how i wired it up in my build thread, called "half pint". I will see if i can dig those details up.


Looks like page 8 of my build shows the switch and which two pins i used. No wiring info on there though. But all i did was figure out which two wires went to the original switch, then i tapped those wires and ran those down to my switch.


As long as the stock column switch is in the OFF position, the floor switch works perfectly. My broken column switch is "off". If i ever replaced the column switch, i would just need to be sure the floor switch was "off". If either one is on then you get low beams no matter what the other does. I'm ok with this.

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