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SinglePlug Dizzy on z22s HELP!!


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Hey guys, i recently acquired a ratsun 510 (1980) a10, I learned that it had a swap at somepoint in the future, which results that the vehicle has a z22s in it, Now i dont know much, but have been doing somewhat some research, initially the motors are supposed to have a 2 coil dizzy, but mine came with a single plug dizzy, im having a hell of a time sourcing out a dual plug dizzy, so my question to you guys is, how to i properly run the single plug dizzy? im about to adjust my timing, and order new plugs/wires for the dizzy i do have, i cant seem to find any form of guide anywhere online, any help would be greatly appreciated guys, thank you!!


as for the motor, im unsure if it came out of a 4x4, or cali truck, so as for the smog goes, im just saying its federal. thanks again in advance guys!!

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Where in Washington are you?


Im located in western washington, Snohomish county area, 


Also update on the dizzy, i managed to find one on rockauto but im unsure if its the right one, has anyone ran these before? ill provide a link, i tried doing some cross referencing for part numbers but came up with nothing.



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It had a swap in the future?  :lol: 



First you will need to have dual plugs in the head. You probably do, but it's not mentioned. Four on the intake side and four on the exhaust side.


This will run just fine with the 4 plugs on the intake side plugs as it is. I would just leave it.



But if you want to, the distributor you want is from either an '81-'82 720 or the '82-'83 S110 200sx car. Cap and wires and the extra coil from the same vehicles. You will have to add the extra power wire to the second coil + terminal and wire from the - terminal to the distributor.

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